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October 9th 2016
Published: October 9th 2016
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Today is Sunday, and as I woke up early yesterday, I allowed myself to sleep until 12 😊

After a short breakfast and shower, I decided that I wanted to explore another area of Osaka, Umeda. Umeda is the 2nd city center of Osaka and it is where the main train station is located. It is full of shopping malls and big fashion streets but as well some small street with restaurants and small shops. As it is a national holiday tomorrow, it should be some interesting events around there.

Before getting ready, I texted the friends I met the other day to know if they wanted to join. David (Spanish) and Strauss (Indonesian) were up to go into town. We met around 2 and then started walking in the direction of Umeda.

It took us a good 30-40 min to get there but we found a really nice route along the river and the weather was really peasant so we didn't see the time passing.

Arriving in Umeda was a big chock...there was so many people everywhere, and so many shops. All the shops you can find in Europe like Zara, H&M, North Face etc...

I saw on my book that there is a little temple in the middle of this area so we decided to start there. It is funny how you can find a little quiet place with Japanese traditional spirit in the middle of this urban jungle. The temple was very cute and dedicated to 2 lovers who couldn't be together so decided to kill themselves to be together in the after life (kind of Japanese Romeo and Juliet). But is seems that a lot of couples come to pray here for the good fortune of their relationship 😊 In the temple was all explained how to purify yourself with water before praying, and the was of praying. It is weird to see Japanese people praying, as they just do the move with their hand, bow, and then that is it... they take no time really to pray, and it seems more like a formality.

After the temple we continued on a small path with restaurants everywhere before arriving in the station which is as well a MASSIVE shopping mall on many floor. We got lost lol. Once out, we were dragged by some noise in the street next to us. We arrived where it seemed to be a costume contest with a stage and judges. All the participants were dressed as different characters (a cat, Mario, a ghost, Ghost buster team...), and they had to perform for 3 min. Some were just talking, some dancing, some singing... it was really funny and new to us. I was thinking that something like this would never happen in Europe... WAY TOO CRAZY.

Then, on our move, we found something even more crazy... If you know the video game where people are dancing... A guy was playing it. Everybody could see him from the street (I think it is made on purpose), and it was more like a show. The guy was never looking at the game but still getting a perfect score, and he was more dancing for his audience. He was so into it and so happy.... everybody was cheering him up and taking videos and photos... it looks like a real show :D CRAZY

On our way forward, we saw a building written "Osaka Kawaii". Interested, we went inside to find out that it was a concert hall where we assisted a free concert of a Japanese pop-star. It was mainly for teenager and the crowd was on fire. More on the back, we enjoyed the 30 min concert saying to ourselves that this day was really full of surprises. The name of the artist is "Miracle Vell Magic" and she got famous with YouTube by posting video of her singing. So that happens as well in Japan :D

From all the emotions we got this afternoon, we went to get some food (gyosa) and walked home. I had a quiet evening with my flatmate trying to empty my iPhone of pictures so I could make new ones 😉


10th October 2016

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