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Asia » Japan » Fukui May 21st 2013

Spring Break and Beyond! Since I last wrote, I was lucky enough to have 3 of my friends from back home come to visit. We decided that the spring vacation (Spring break Woooo!) was the best time to visit, as the winter snow would be mostly melted, and summer’s vicious heat is far off. The first day we all met up, was St. Patrick’s Day in Tokyo. My good friend Kevin had literally just arrived with a supply drop from my mom (goofy green hats, Irish inflatable hammers etc) before we had to pull a legger (run as fast as possible) to get to the parade. There was plenty of Irish snacks, tea, t-shirts and letters from other friends back home too…Thanks everybody! The parade was massively bigger than what I expected, and is actually the ... read more
How Irish can you get!

Asia » Japan » Fukui January 19th 2013

I have finished my first full semester of teaching in Japan. It has been mostly awesome, with a little dash of frustration thrown in there to keep me on my toes. Teaching English on the JET program is not a normal job, so some days are absolutely great, like caroling, playing silly games and bringing Christmas cheer to a number of local schools, while others can be full of no responsibility around exam time, when there are no classes to teach or prepare. Here’s a general round up of what I’ve been up to. Christmas Caroling My nearest city is one of the few places that get the local JETs to join up together to do some Christmas caroling. One of the highlights of my year so far for sure! Myself and 4 other junior high ... read more
Paper, Rock Scissors
Christmas Card
Eat snow fool!

Asia » Japan » Fukui October 15th 2012

Hello, my name is Nigeria, and I come from Iceland. This is the inevitable impression I have to battle against in my introduction classes. My name is tricky to pronounce for my students here, so I get that they find Nigel hard to say, but I am still baffled as to why they have no idea what or where Ireland is. Well I’m not really surprised that they don't know about Ireland, but more that they do know about Iceland. I don’t think kids in Europe would know exactly where Iceland is; yet 90% of these kids know exactly where it is. They always point out Iceland on the map when I bribe them with coins to guess where Ireland is (even after I’ve showed them the map of what Ireland looks like!). They sometimes even ... read more
Bad-man Training

Asia » Japan » Fukui August 21st 2012

Jet Program Nearly 10 months after handing in my application for the JET (Japanese Exchange and Training) program, here I am, finally in Japan. I knew I wanted to teach English abroad somewhere, and by far and away the JET program was the best of all the options I saw. It is the largest exchange and training program in the world! It differs from other TEFL jobs mainly because the Japanese government directly hires you through their embassy in your home country. The JET community is very large and useful, and I have contacts in every prefecture in Japan, so it is amazing for travelling in not just Fukui, but all of Japan! The other big difference is that half our job on JET is teaching English, the other half is teaching and learning culture or ... read more
Kencho building
Irish Ambassadors Residence

Asia » Japan » Fukui July 22nd 2010

Hello! Welcome i guess, this is a pretty cool site.. I wanted to make a blog so I could let all my friends know about what is going on over here. Its a lot easier to write it once then a bunch of times! So the flight was long, but it was very nice, i got Sushi for part of my meal. I was like WHOA I feel like a queen! It was great..I landed in Narita airport (Tokyo) at 12 Noon Japan time. The airport was really nice..found my way around..realized i needed to pick up my luggage, b/c I thought they were sending it through, so, not too bad.. I had to go back to customs..needless to say i am now well acquainted with Narita Airport and how to get around! haha I caught ... read more

Asia » Japan » Fukui » Echizen Ono November 11th 2009

Many Japanese turists do not visit Fukui, Japan. Needless to say, almost no foreign visitor comes to Fukui. Although it is ranked as the most comfortable place to live, the second highest educated people, the lowest unemployment prefecture and the fourth of the country's longevity, many people would not come. Therefore, I would like to introduce this unknown but valuable country to those who would like to find the place like this. Ichijo-dani(Valley); Ichijodani is a mountain villege in the southeastern part of Fukui. It was here that the Asakura warring lords who ruled Echizen lived for 103 years. The area, which prospered as a castle town, has been restored to its original appearance. Some parts of it have been preserved as they are. You can feel the real hestory of Fukui in 15th century. Echizen ... read more

Asia » Japan » Fukui October 19th 2009

It didn't take me long to decide to travel to Tsuruga right after work on my 25th birthday. I've always been a person who insists to celebrate my birthday as an ordinary day. Everyday is new, and birthdays are no exceptions. Perhaps it's merely a time mark to keep track of how long we've been breathing on earth. I remember telling my students my date of birth at the beginning of September. While I was walking around school on Friday, some of my 1st-year-boys saw me, and they shouted, "Sandra!! Happy birthday! I love you!!" At that moment I almost burst into tears, and yelled back, "I love you all too!" They made my day. No doubt by far the most touching birthday greetings I've ever heard. Every weekend is filled with spectacular, mind-blowing, and soul-rejuvenating ... read more
Tsuruga Marathon
Kirameki Onsen
Tsuruga Eki

Asia » Japan » Fukui July 23rd 2008

If someone were to ask me to name the top 10 places that I want to visit I could list them off in the space of one breath. They are always there, in the back of my mind, nagging me and quietly persuading me to go. I have thought so much about them that I have developed romanticized images and ideas about them. I feel like I somehow know them and know what they are like. In contrast, if someone were to ask me to name the top 10 places that I wouldn't want to visit I could list them off as well but it would take me more time. After all, I don't particularly spend my time thinking of places where I don't want to go. What's the fun in that? However, if pressed for ... read more
Rice Field Warriors
The Ferry Home
Popping a Squat

Asia » Japan » Fukui February 17th 2008

What’s the best thing about winter? That’s the question, and the answer isn’t Christmas (not in Japan anyway) its white, powdery and it everywhere! And no, not cocaine, snow!! I have often felt slightly ripped off by Mother Nature living in London, as although winters are bloody freezing, they really bring a lot if any snow. I am there fore a big fan of the white stuff and get a childish sense of excitement just from seeing a bit of brownish slush under a car tire in London, so when I decided to travel up to Fukui on the basis of my second round of snowboarding, little could have prepared me for the royal dumping that would be unleashed on the city, let alone the mountain ski resorts. This was the following week from snowboarding, and ... read more
Shrad that red, whoooh!!!
Cars by night

Asia » Japan » Fukui November 27th 2007

三連休 or sanrenkyu, a long weekend. A 3 day weeknd in Japan for me, is like the summer holidays to a school student. A thing of long anticipation and preparation, and when it comes off a general feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction is felt, which has been accompanied by me being in a good mood all week, despite being intensly sleep deprivated, and slighty alchohol poisoned. Its always good to see friends from back home, as they become a vessel for all that is home and an opportunity to feel like your back in Britain once a again if only for a short while. It is not like I am crying for the lack of time off work I have, and I have robbed myself of a lot of time also as I have been taking ... read more
Spooky tori gate
Forest moon
Behold, the redness

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