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December 21st 2005
Published: January 26th 2006
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China to Japan

Winter vacation trip to Japan

On my trip to Japan, I went with two other people, Jenny and Gerard. Jenny is my roommate and Gerard is an exchange student from Spain. We really did not have a set plan on where we wanted to go, what to see, or even where to stay. We bought a Lonely Planet (a travel book) and basically lived our two week lives in Japan off of that book. One thing was for sure and that was that we were going to see as many cities as we could. We arrived in Japan in the city of Narita. From Narita we decided to head to Tokyo and stay there for a night. We ended up in Ueno, exploring that city for the night.

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This is one of Japan's bullet trains. I don't know how fast it goes but at times it seems as if it's going 80mph. Although, that might be an incorrect assumption because I've been in China for a while. No one in China goes pass 30 mph... From the exterior to the interior of the Shinkansen, it is modeled after a airplane. It's very cool!
Riding the Shinkansen (Bullet Train)Riding the Shinkansen (Bullet Train)
Riding the Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

Left to Right: Gerard, Jenny, and Jonathan (ME).
The Red Light District IThe Red Light District I
The Red Light District I

Of course...we run into the red light district in our area. How did we know? Hmmm...Well, the sign says, "Rest for two hours for 5250-6825 Yen," That converts to about 50-65 dollars. But who the heck pays to only rest for two hours.... To make things clear, this was not our hotel for the night.
The Red Light District IIThe Red Light District II
The Red Light District II

What's a red light district without a "Stamina & Hormone Drug Store" right across the street from the hotel?

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