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Asia » Japan » Aomori » Towadako September 24th 2008

A year ago today I started training in Okayama in preparation for my current life. It's a little surreal to think that I have been here a year, but it also doesn't seem like I've been here that long either. This last weekend was a 3 day weekend for me because Tuesday was the Fall Equinox and a national holiday, so I ended up in Aomori visiting one of my friends who is also teaching in Japan. It's the first time I've seen him in over a year. Even though we live close together our schedules often conflict, so it's pretty hard to get together other then long national holiday weeks. I had to go to the end of the shinkansen line in main land Japan to see him. There are no shinkansen stops after Hachinohe, ... read more
taki - waterfall

Asia » Japan » Aomori August 10th 2008

That was it then. 2 years. One island. What now? I had finished, what will no doubt prove to be one of the greatest chpters in my life and was pondering what to do next. Having packed for weeks, getting drunk at 8 leaving parties, saying tearful goodbyes to my students, colleagues and fellow island people, I was just about ready to have short controlled heart attack and collapse in the heat and exhaustion of the final prepartations of the ending my 2 years on my island, Words cannot ever describe my experience over here and perhaps many would not care to hear them either, but it was safe to say that however many second thoughts I had been having about whether to leave or not, the final days on my island in preparaing to leave ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aomori February 8th 2008

We did a train ride of Iwate, Akita and Aomori Prefectures, none of them are as beautiful as Yamagata but Aomori was a really nice city and it had very thick snow everywhere that made thin gs interesting. I think I've seen enough snow now, we've had a really nice few days of sightseeing.... read more

Asia » Japan » Aomori August 1st 2007

Sorry for absence of late. But more of that in a later blog! In keeping with the fact that I've moved between two farms since I last wrote I thought I better write two separate blogs so as not to confuse matters. In the latter two weeks of July, I stayed at Towada Horseback riding club in Northern Honshu. Much to my relief, I left behind the torrential typhoon rains. It was so nice not have to dodge people's umbrellas all the time. I guess it's all part of the Japanese experience! Talking of which, there was also a strong earthquake as I was travelling Northwards. You may have heard about it in the news as a nuclear power station at Niigata has had to be shut down due to leakage of radioactive materials. Well I ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aomori December 8th 2006

To save us the agony of spending a whole day in the bullet train from Hokkaido to Tokyo, we had a brief stop in Aomori. Not a wise move though, as the day was short in winter. We could not venture anywhere further than the town. ... read more
Aomori Bay Bridge
Aomori - a historical old port town
A park at the bay area

Asia » Japan » Aomori October 20th 2002

Aomori is the most north prefecture in the Honshu island.... read more

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