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Asia » Japan » Aomori » Hirosaki February 18th 2013

{Anna} We went to a friends house for a tea party and some lunch. We had to leave our shoes at the entrance. We sat on the floor. It was actually warm and comfortable. I asked Dad why our friends didn't have a sofa. I helped to make the tea. It was green and we drank it from a bowl. Dad was making rude 'slurping' noises when he was drinking. They played the Piano and Cello. I had a go on the Cello. {Dad} Shizuko and Setsuo are friends of Mark's. They kindly invited us to their house for lunch. When you enter a building such as a house, school or baths, you must always remove your shoes. You never step into the building with your shoes on as it brings dirt into the building, that ... read more
Whisking the tea
Green tea
Oishii (tasty)!

Asia » Japan » Aomori » Hirosaki February 15th 2013

{Anna} We went to see some children at school. We sat in a lesson. The children were learning the alphabet. It was fun. I looked at some books. The writing went down the page and not across. I saw school dinners being made. {Dad} The teachers and pupils at Chitosa nursery school made us very welcome. We joined in a class where the children were being taught English. The children had fun learning the alphabet. Japanese reading books often have the writing going down the page. You start at the BACK of the book and read each page from top to bottom!... read more
Children in lesson
Japanese story books
Japanese Books

Asia » Japan » Aomori » Hirosaki February 14th 2013

{Anna} I have met Joshua and Jasmine. Joshua is 8 years old and Jasmine is 12. Joshua has a Shinkansen Train set, just like the train we went on. We all played with the trains. Dad helped me put the track together. Dad said that he never had his own train set before. Joshua and Jasmine can both ski. Joshua is not very well and is in bed with a cold. Dad told me to say "Konichiwa" when you meet somebody. Konichwa means "Hello". Joshua and Jasmine's dad is called Mark and he teaches English. We went to one of Marks lessons and met some older children. I said "Konichiwa"! We asked what each others names were. We shook hands. They all said "nice to meet you Anna". {Dad} The children we met were called Kaito, ... read more
2013-02-08 20.50.39

Asia » Japan » Aomori » Hirosaki February 12th 2013

{Anna} We have come to stay with our friends Mark, Yoko, Jasmine and Joshua. They live a long way from Tokyo and we had to travel on a train to get here. There were lots of different trains at the railway station. Our train was the green one and it has a long nose. It was a whizzy fast train. {Dad} We travelled by train to a city called Goshogawara. This is where we are staying with our friends. The Japanese call their trains "Shinkansen". They are more famously known as "Bullet trains". This is because they are shaped like a bullet and they travel very fast. Our Shinkansen train is nicknamed "The Crocodile", this is because of it's long nose and green colour. It can travel nearly 3 times faster than a car travels on ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aomori October 27th 2012

We drove down to Oirase and Towada on the weekend with some friends, to see the autumn colors. Near Misawa was all still green, but as we got closer to our destination we spotted more and more momiji (autumn leaves). It was a nice drive, lots of rural countryside and mountains to enjoy. We stopped at the top of the gorge to hike for a bit which ended up being provident - when we drove further down we realized the gorge road was closed. Walking the trail was peaceful and lovely. The water in the stream was so clear you could see the orange and yellow leaves on the bottom! When we got back in the car, we detoured to the bypass road. It had amazing views, but terrifying narrow hairpin turns. We made it to ... read more
totoro moment
stream bottom
oirase trail

Asia » Japan » Aomori August 25th 2012

We headed through the mountains to the center region of Aomori, to visit a museum and see the famous rice art. The Tsugaru Kokeshi Doll museum is in Kuroishi, surrounded by apple orchards. Such a gorgeous little valley. After learning a little bit about the history of kokeshi, we had the chance to make our own. It was still early in the day when we finished, so we strolled through the museum and had a leisurely lunch at a restaurant there. With our limited knowledge of kana, and some pictures on the cell phone, we were able to order curry and shrimp tempura! There was another airman and his mom there on the tour as well, but they had huge issues communicating and ended up with food they were not happy with. We topped it off ... read more
giant kokeshi
ebi tempura
lingo ice cream

Asia » Japan » Aomori » Misawa July 29th 2012

Tonight we walked out the main gate to the Tanabata Matsuri. Tanabata is: Tanabata (七夕, meaning “Evening of the seventh”) is a Japanese star festival. It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair respectively). According to legend, the Milky Way separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar. img= read more

Asia » Japan » Aomori May 12th 2011

So I met a rather jet lagged Martin at Niigata station in order to start our trip up the west coast and towards the North of Japan. Our first stop was Mount Haguro and to a temple lodging at the base of the mountain. It was a very bleak journey due to the extremely miserable weather which I am sure made it feel colder than it actually was. We arrived at Haguro centre and with some time to kill before check in we decided to explore the nearby Zuishi-mon temple. On descending the steps we were met with a eerie misty atmosphere and quite substantial snow on the ground, not what we were expecting at the top of the steps where it was just raining. Following the woodland trail we stumbled across a beautiful 600 year ... read more
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9

Asia » Japan » Aomori September 30th 2009

Asia » Japan » Aomori September 30th 2008

September 30 Today finds us in Aomori, Japan where we were greeted pierside by a local drumming/instrument group. I just love those big drums! We had an early tour so were up at 6:45, had room service and headed off on our tour to Hirosaki. The day started out cloudy but ended up sunny; another beautiful day in Japan! We had about an hour drive to Hirosaki to several temples and "castles". On the drive out we passed many rice farms where the rice was just beginning to be harvested. They harvest the rice and then bundle the grass left over and hang it up to dry. Also, we passed many apple orchards. This area of the country is "apple country". Being late September, there were plenty of apples to see and I was hoping to ... read more

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