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February 14th 2013
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I have met Joshua and Jasmine. Joshua is 8 years old and Jasmine is 12.

Joshua has a Shinkansen Train set, just like the train we went on. We all played with the trains. Dad helped me put the track together. Dad said that he never had his own train set before.

Joshua and Jasmine can both ski. Joshua is not very well and is in bed with a cold.

Dad told me to say \"Konichiwa\" when you meet somebody. Konichwa means \"Hello\".

Joshua and Jasmine's dad is called Mark and he teaches English. We went to one of Marks lessons and met some older children. I said \"Konichiwa\"!

We asked what each others names were. We shook hands. They all said \"nice to meet you Anna\".


The children we met were called Kaito, Ai, Keishi and Misaki. Kaito likes to be a Sumo Wrestler. Sumo Wrestling is a sport in Japan and Kaito is officially the second Junior champion Sumo Wrestler of Japan!

Japanese people speak.......Japanese! This is the main language in Japan.

In big cities like Tokyo there are people who can also speak and understand our language - English. We are far away from Tokyo and English is not spoken very much here. The Children went to Marks lesson so that they could all learn English.

Japenese is very different to English. We might find some words hard to speak or understand.

Reading Japanese can sometimes be difficult too! "Konichwa" is written "こんにちは".

Some words are easy to speak and understand. Here are a few that Anna has learned:

"Konichiwa" means "Hello". Try saying it: "Kon ni chi wa"!

"Arigatou" means "Thank you". Try saying it: "Ari ga tow"!

"Ichi" means "One"

"Ni" means "Two"

"San" means "Three"


16th February 2013
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nice pic
got some bright looking kids!

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