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Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya September 29th 2005

The 21st is where I'll start. In the morning we went to Ueno park which was really close to where we were staying, and walked around there for a while. The main draw card of the park is Ueno zoo, but we didn't go into it. The park itself it big enough and quite pretty. After that we went to an area called Ginza where the Sony building was, because Glenn wanted to have a look at all the things they had there and it was pretty interesting, they had like 6 floors of all the different things that Sony sell and we actually spent quite a while there. That night we went to a district of Tokyo called Akihabara which is the electronic goods district of Japan, and the whole place is full of electronic ... read more
World Expo 2005
Indonesian Pavillion

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya September 18th 2005

Nagoya: I actually really like this place. Some people that I had talked to and things that I had read said that Nagoya was just a transportation hub and there isn't much to do and that it's just like all the other cities, but I have to disagree. I wasn't bored the whole time and I think the city is actually quite pretty, well the parts I saw. Yesterday I headed out to Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. Nagoya is the birthplace of the Toyota company you see and the museum was one of the things I wanted to see (since my first car was a faithful Toyota Carolla!) so I made it my first port of call. And I really enjoyed it. Not many people know that Toyota started off as a textiles ... read more
Toyota museum
Toyota museum

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya March 30th 2003

jade wasn't feeling all too well the other morning, and so i went down to the hotel restaurant and had a free breakfast. i sat with renee, one of her backup singers. she was from san diego too, so i felt pretty comfortable with her. everyone else in the band was from germany. they were all real nice though, and the pianist, philip invited me to go see the nagoya castle with some of the guys. totally sweet. we walked a distance of "only two kilometers" to a shinto shrine, where the guitarist holger (?) showed me the cleansing ritual before entering. we all walked around a bit taking pictures of things, and then went to the park where the castle was. apparently, it was a japanese holiday, so there were a lot of people at ... read more
the nataiiji pagoda

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