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Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Sakae September 16th 2017

Saturday, 16th September 2017 Chubu Airport >> Nagoya (44.5km, 53 mins, 870 Yen) The sky was drizzling away when my flight landed at Chubu International Airport. The rainy weather would continue throughout the day as Typhoon Talim was expected to make heavy landfalls in Japan that same evening. From the airport, I took the Meitetsu Train (870 Yen, JR Pass not eligible) to Nagoya Station. I then transfered to the subway to Sakae district for my final destination where my hotel, Meitetsu Inn Nishiki was located. After leaving my luggage at the reception, I headed for lunch at the nearby underground mall before starting my subway DIY tour. The weekend pass cost an amazing value-for- money 600 Yen which provided unlimited rides on the city's subway lines. I had allocated 2 nights in Nagoya even though ... read more
First proper meal in Nagoya
Nagoya Port

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya September 15th 2017

Friday, 15th September 2017 My journey to Chubu Japan (日本中部) started on the evening of 15th September 2017 at the Singapore Changi International Airport. This was yet another red-eye flight for me to the city of Nagoya, some 5,080km from where I was. Nagoya is the capital of Aichi Prefecture in Central Japan which suffered heavy Allied bombings during World War II due to its concentration of heavy industries that supported Japan's war campaign. Even though the flight was fully booked, I was able to catch some rest due to the fact that most of the fellow Japanese passengers were very quiet throughout the 6 hours journey. 2 hours prior to landing, breakfast was served where I opted for the Japanese breakfast set which I thoroughly enjoyed. This was a happy commute for me as I ... read more
And my breakfast on board

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya September 21st 2015

Hi again everyone. Well a long day today - started at 07.30 to catch the bullet train from Tokyo to Nagoya. A couple of things I learnt - 1. there are many many bullet trains (we caught 3 just getting to Nagoya) and 2. not all of them are that fast - in fact some stop as often as the train to Weymough from Frome! That said they are spacious, air conditioned, comfortable and when they do accelerate you can feel yourself being pushed back into the seat! Midday we arrived (without seeing Mt Fuji as it was covered in cloud) and were met by a lovely Dr called Kyoko. She drove us off to the local attraction (Shogun's palace) for a whistle stop tour before a quick lunch (another delicious, cheap Japanese soup) and then ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya September 21st 2015

Apologies for the lack of imagery last evening! Attached to this blog entry should be 2 new photos. The team at the day centre were absolutely lovely and what I did not say last evening was how much they have been inspired by DH. Their lead physician, a quiet and reserved man, called doctor Hashimoto visited DH 7 years ago and was so impressed that he later returned with a few colleagues and met Denise, Alison Stevens, Helen dRB, Chris K and Sarah Whitfield (and others I am sure) to talk about his work and that of their plans in Japan. They had a brand new cancer centre and an increasing number of cancer patients and he wanted to try something different with day care. The results are stunning. They have a large open plan area ... read more
Palliative DPS Nagaro

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya » Sakae August 19th 2015

After five days in historical Kyoto to cap off my sojourn in the Kansai region, I made my way eastwards for a brief stopover at Nagoya en route to my ultimate destination that is the capital Tokyo. Not exactly a particularly famous or popular tourist destination, Nagoya nevertheless is in fact the third largest city in Japan, and its economic importance comes from being the automotive heartland, in particular the headquarters for Japan's car manufacturing giant Toyota. Along with Yokohama (other automotive hub and industrial city), one could think of the two as Japan's version of Detroit in the US, though roaming Nagoya's streets, its rather difficult to think of the two as being alike in any other way at all. In any case, with this in mind, I couldn't help but be reminded of an ... read more
Nagoya Castle
Noritake Garden
Nagoya Wasabi Guesthouse

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya May 12th 2015

This was the boys earliest morning so far, I had them booked to take the 8:45am Shuttle from our hostel to the train station to catch our 9:20am bus to Mishima Station to grab a train to Nagoya. We arrived with plenty of time to grab breakfast from the station (they got hot dogs!) and catch the bus. At Mishima Station where we were able to catch a bullet train to Nagoya just a few minutes after we arrived. We had a couple hour ride ahead of us so we got some lunch and snacks for the trip and settled into our seats. As we arrived in Nagoya, we had to figure out what we were going to do with our limited time because we were only there one night. Due to a Typhoon hitting the ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya March 15th 2015

This past weekend we decided to take a trip with Camp Zama's outdoor recreation. Every month this department organizes trips throughout the month where you can sign up for a fee and most are just a bus ride away. This trip was to the Fertility Festival in Komaki City which the description read that you had to be 18 and over and was one that you wouldn't forget. Not knowing what we were getting into that one sounded like a must do! After signing up though everyone kept saying "Oh you're going to the penis festival" and yes that it was! Just a brief description of the festival from their festival map: "Hounen-Matsuri (the Bumper Harvest festival) is well known as a unique festival. Villagers carry on their shoulders a Mikoshi (portable shrine) which bears an ... read more
fertilityfestival 033
fertilityfestival 004
fertilityfestival 038

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya October 16th 2014

Für heute habe ich etwas spezielles vor, denn ich gehe erneut nach Nagoya, diesmal aber nicht um Lea zu treffen sondern einen Japaner namens Yuki Kakegawa. Wir haben ausgemacht, dass wir uns heute treffen und ich ihm ein wenig Englisch beibringe, er mir dafür im Gegenzug ein wenig Japanisch. Auf dem Weg nach Nagoya habe ich mich ein wenig damit beschäftigt, die Karteikärtchen zu repetieren, welche ich mir bis anhin geschrieben habe und ein wenig gezeichnet. Nach wie vor habe ich Mühe mit einzelnen Hiragana und dem kompletten Set an Katakana. Die Kanji sind eine Geschichte für sich. Yuki und ich haben ausgemacht, dass wir uns bei der goldenen Uhr treffen, einem bekannten Treffpunkt beim Bahnhof von Nagoya. Ich stand dann bei vermeintlicher Uhr und habe ihm geschrieben, dass ich da sei. Er schrieb mir zurück, ... read more
Billard mit Yuki
Yuki & Ich

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya October 12th 2014

Lea, ihre Gastschwester Yuki und ich haben uns um 10 Uhr bei der Station verabredet, doch das kam dann doch ein wenig anders. So wie ich erfahren habe, gab es ein paar Diskussionen weshalb Yuki und Lea den Zug verpasst haben und ihre Gastmutter sie nun zu meiner Station fährt. Wir begrüssen uns und dann heisst es für mich, ab ins Auto. Nun gut, da bin ich doch mal gespannt wohin ich entführt werde. Zuerst geht es an ein kleines Fest (Matsuri), bei welchem ein Umzug von einer Art Geishas stattfindet. Ich muss anmerken, es handelt sich hierbei nicht um Geishas, doch der Name wie diese hier genannt wurden ist mir entfallen. Nach ein paar Fotos gab es dann etwas, was ich nicht kannte: Wir gingen in einen kleinen versteckten Laden in welchem es möglich war ... read more
Japanisches Süssgebäck
Tsubasa aus Kickers

Asia » Japan » Aichi » Nagoya September 1st 2014

After arriving in Nagoya, I was picked up by one of the program directors of the program I am in and me and several other students participating in the same program shipped off our main baggage to the University and had a lovely stroll to central Nagoya with all our luggage in toe. And you know what? If was freakin fantastic. -_-“ everywhere you go there is small spaces and many, many people, so you are always tripping someone with your bag or knocking someone over with your backpack, or getting your junk all up in some strangers business. We eventually made our way to the hotel we were going to be staying for the day before heading out to Inuyama for a special program orientation before the Universities orientation (P.S. there are lots of orientations, ... read more
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