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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng March 12th 2015

I had heard from some other travellers that to spend one or two days in Jakarta was plenty, so this being my one and only day I headed out to try and find my way round. Walking to the end of the quiet street and turning left onto a very busy road - similar to a dual carriageway there was a market up the side of the pavement. Selling the usual phone accessories and fake tat I was more having to watch my step - the pavements are so dirty with a layer of wet mud across them, rubbish strewn everywhere and people sleeping among large rats running between the sewers ( which are open and producing a terrible smell.) Spotting a shopping mall I headed in for some fresh air and some breakfast. Soon after ... read more

Asia » Indonesia March 12th 2015

So leaving Jakarta today and heading east to a city called Bandung I caught a Tuk Tuk to the train station. Brought a first class ticket for roughly £7 I sat and waited for the 10.15 train. Getting a nice seat and heading off, the conductor - consisting of 3 people - 1st man dressed like a general in the navy, the 2nd a smartly dressed man with a clipboard and the 3rd a man who looked like a police officer! ( all they needed was a south American indian and they could have done the ymca!) going through slums on the way out of Jakarta we then passed some beautiful landscapes - volcanos and valleys, rivers and layered rice fields with them being harvested. 3hrs later and arriving at Bandung before having chance to pick ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo March 11th 2015

Komodo Ich war sozusagen Inselhüpfen in Indonesien (es gibt da ja auch so viele...): Zuletzt flog ich nach Labuan Bajo, Flores, um von dort aus mit einem Schifferl nach Komodo zu fahren um die berühmten Komodo Dragons (auf deutsch: Warane) zu sehen. Der Trip dauerte 2 Tage. Am ersten Tag stoppten wir zum schnorcheln, und konnten Manta-Rochen hautnah erleben. Meine wasserdichte Kamera war ab diesem Zeitpunkt nicht mehr wasserdicht... Somit gibts auch keine Fotos vom nächsten Schnorchelstopp, mit Korallen und einem Nemo-Clownfisch. Beim nächsten Halt störten wir "Flying Foxes" (Flughunde) bei ihrem Mittagsschlaf. Und am späten Nachmittag erreichten wir die Siedlung auf Komodo Island (Komodo Village oder Komodo City), ein kleines Fischerdorf mit ca. 1000 Einwohnern (...die meisten davon Kinder). Bei meinem abendlichen Rundgang durch da... read more
Garuda Indonesia
Labuan Bajo
vor Labuan Bajo

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba March 10th 2015

So after having a good nights kip and a bit of a lay in I headed off for a walk around Tuk Tuk ( a small peninsula on the island of Samosir - which is the size of Singapore - so pretty big.) Tuk Tuk is the area where visitors tend to go to as its the only part that the public ferry drops people off at. It being full of guesthouses, hotels, cafes selling you magic mushrooms ( advertised everywhere!) to have while you get your laundry washed and sipping on a hot tea! Took only about an hr until I was back at the guesthouse, passing on the way rice fields, a catholic church and a school. The locals all seemed friendly all saying hello, and the atmosphere of the island feels nice. It ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Medan March 10th 2015

So I guess today should of felt like a bit of a milestone - it didn't but it kinda feels good to have got to the 50th day of travelling on my own, over my 40th birthday - and not buckling under the pressure and coming home. Met up with Bob at his hotel for breakfast as it was free - and posher than mine - at 7am so had an early start. Sitting down by the lake bob was catching his ferry at 07.30 and mine at 10.00, the one ferry ( that we saw) turned up at 09.00, so rushing back to my room to grab my bags we ended up on the same ferry back to Parapat on the main land. We were then getting 2 separate minibuses to the airport - bob ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta March 9th 2015

Everything I did in Yogyakarta was just plain fun. I originally planned on staying in the region for about six days, but after a couple I realized that I needed to stay a bit longer to experience as much as I could of the things the city has to offer. I had to skip Jakarta, but from every person I met throughout the country—locals and travelers—it seems like it was a good decision. I arrived late into Yogyakarta, and my first night I spent it settling into the hotel, checking out the neighborhood, eating good pasta, and seeing some live music. The pasta I had the first night was delicious, and I continued to go to Mediterranea, a restaurant run by a French chef, throughout my stay in Yogyakarta. All of the food that the restaurant ... read more
Borobudur 2
Looking at Borobudur
Borobudur 3

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Mentawi March 8th 2015

Megan is one part of Pitstop Hill management, a 10 guest surf resort tucked into a niche of the Mentawai Islands off the west coast of Sumatra. I asked her if our particular group of 10 were collectively the oldest to have bunked down there in the resort's 8 year history. I had barely squeezed out the last word of the enquiry before; "Yes". "Would you like some more time to think about that Megan?" If you take out the 24 year old son of one of our crew and if my numbers are correct, the aggregate age of the other 9 hit the scales at around 540. That's over half a Millenia of prime Cronulla manhood trying to prove they can still dance the Funky Chicken. The purpose of these 11 days was ostensibly to ... read more
Beng Beng Beach
Your humble author

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Bukit Lawang March 8th 2015

So after only getting up once in the night for a wee and waking with what felt like someone shining a torch in my face ( it was the daylight!) I was relieved to know that I must have got some sleep during the night. Not feeling too keen on having an early dip in the river I settled with a roll of deodorant and some clean clothes. After being entertained by the large group of macaques diving and swimming for scraps of food - have never seen a monkey swim before! And watching the large resident lizard lazily making its way up the river we sat down and had breakfast ourselves. We all had a choice of tea or coffee, omelette or 3 layers of toast with cheese, tomato, onion and egg finished off with ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra March 8th 2015

So after the last 2 days, today was always going to be a bit of a come down and spending 8 hrs of it in the back of a people carrier that it was! So after getting a few more pictures of the village, bob ( also from the jungle trek) and I made our way to catch the van. First stop was medan to drop 2 people off, then onto Danau Toba - about 5 hrs south. Stopping off at a restaurant on the way I opted for chicken curry - what came was a bowl of rice and what looked like a bone in a yellow sauce ( if this had been presented to me in the UK - i would definitely complain!) it hardly contained 2 mouthfuls of meat, so I filled myself ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 7th 2015

Ubud / Bali Von Java aus gings mit der Fähre nach Bali, und ich verbrachte 4 Tage in Ubud bzw. hab ich wieder mal auf einem Moped die Gegend erkundet. Zu sehen gab's den Sacret Monkey Forest, viele Reisterrassen und den Vulkan Batur. Die Reisterrassen waren die Entschädigung für den braunen Sumpf in SaPa und den Regen in China 2013 :-) Mt. Batur Normalerweise braucht man für den Aufstieg auf den Mt. Batur einen Guide. Nicht weils so schwierig wäre, sondern weils eine Abzocke ist. Nachdem ich das gehört habe, hab ich mich schlau gemacht, und bin ein bisserl hinterwärts herumgefahren, um nicht am "Haupteingang" vorbeizukommen, wo die ganzen Schlawiner ihren Opfern auflauern :-P Durch diesen schlauen Schachzug hab ichs geschafft, dass ich den ganzen Berg für mich allein hatte :-) Ach ja, die ganzen Touren ... read more
Affen im Sacred Monkey Forest
Elefant im Sacred Monkey Forest
Komodo Dragon (Waran) im Sacred Monkey Forest

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