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January 9th 2006
Published: April 12th 2006
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There is no elegant way to eat Fish here...
It has been a stellar month for inventions here in Banda Aceh. It just goes to show that necessity promotes progress...and with that, I present to you the top three most remarkable new inventions (patents pending) that will no doubt benefit thousands of people in Banda Aceh (not to mention the inventor herself):

1.) Hot Water - this amazing improvement on plain old water, will allow people to have their bucket "shower" in relative comfort, thereby solving the morning "shock and awe" routine. There are a number of other inventions that have resulted from this including instant tea and one-minute oatmeal.

2.) Fillet of Fish - Pulling fish bones out of your mouth is a constant occurance at meal time...choking on fishbones, unfortunately, is also common. The "fillet" technique cuts the fish into ready-to-cook pieces that have had the bones removed ALREADY. The suspicion about "bone free fish" is a myth - it is merely the 'cut.'

3.) Brewed Decaffinated Coffee - Sumatra is famous for it's delicious brew of coffee and coffee houses. But ask for a cup of decaf and you will discover the region's dirty little secret - Nescafe Instant Decaf. (gasp!) Until now, there
The "Shower"The "Shower"The "Shower"

You don't step in it, you just dip the bucket in and splash water on yourself. Can't wait until the "hot" water invention becomes widely available!
were no other options if you wanted a fresh brewed cup of coffee minus the caffeine. However, this new, evolutionary, coffee bean has had all the caffeine removed, leaving you free to enjoy a fresh cup of brewed java, minus the jitters.

So, there you have it. These inventions would improve humanity and make one person in particular very very happy. Feel free to submit other invention ideas in the "Add Comment" section below.

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How exactly does one "fillet" a fish! Send instructions please!
Enjoying fresh brewEnjoying fresh brew
Enjoying fresh brew

Davel, one of my housemates from London, enjoying the finest Aceh has to offer.

9th January 2006

"pumpkin's grandma" could filet a fish properly!i think it's practice makes perfect though. a sharp filet knife is out food )
9th January 2006

fish felets
after fish has been filet be sure to dip in egg wash before frying, mmmmm good! be sure all fish bones have been removed.
10th January 2006

Blog of the Moment
Hi Erica, Love your stuff. I just made you blog of the moment on my Asia for Visitors site The iste is part of the NY Times company. Keep up the good work (both on the blog and on the ground). Greg
12th January 2006

Bathing in the barrel
Hola! I'm so glad to see a picture of the "barrel". I couldn't stop laughing after talking to you the other day...I was picturing you like a cartoon character dipping yourself in and out of the "barrel" for your daily bathing routine! The pictures are fab - it is great to actual see how you are living! Miss you. Love, L
12th January 2006

Whenever Andrew grills a particularly bony fish, like mackerel, we eat it with chopsticks because it's easier to pick the meat off the bone. It slides right off. Yum. Love the photos. Tres Glamorous.

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