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July 10th 2017
Published: July 27th 2017
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We arrived by plane in Sulawesi and the next day we went in the mountains to see the Toraja, people who have different traditions. We were in a 5 star hotel with a pool and a buffet every morning IMAGES. We took a guide and decided to see a Toraja funeral. When we arrived you could hear the noise of pigs being sacrificed and you could smell lots of smoke from the fires that were cooking the meat. There was this traditional house IMAGES and apparently the dead man was at the top of the house with his closest family members staying underneath. But this isn't a normal funeral because it lasts five days and thousands of guests turn up. It takes years to prepare and they sacrifice water buffalos so that their spirit can pull the chariot of the dead man to the paradise and open the gates with their horns. For them dead people aren't spooky but loved because they will help you while you're still alive. At the funeral there was dancing and pigs were screaming and we were invited by the family to be normal guest and we had to offer cigarettes to the family. It was fun but in the end the smoke got in our eyes and we had to leave!

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