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Asia » Indonesia » Riau Archipelago » Batam January 14th 2015

Hello my fellow travellers! Well, this has been a pretty calm day I'd say. After a good breakfast with Dani and Marten and their Labrador we set out for a tour around Batam, we started with the Grand Mosque which Marten jokingly called the UFO and he's right because it kind of looks like one. But I like it, it's a cool and modern take on a mosque and worth checking out. After that we went to this lovely seafood restaurant I mentioned yesterday, I don't know the name of it but I can see why it's so popular. Everything is completely fresh, brought out from the sea as you order it and boy does that quality show! Everything is cooked with genuine care and we ordered so much food, a real royal feast! I was ... read more
Welcome to Batam
Grand Mosque
Seafood Paradise

Asia » Indonesia » Riau Archipelago » Batam January 13th 2015

Hello my fellow travellers! So, after I woke up today I began by drinking a cup of Teh Tarik which was recommended to me by a friend from China, it is her favourite drink when she is in Singapore. It's basically tea with powdered milk and I found it quite nice but I still prefer just regular plain tea. While I drank my tea I had a good talk with one of my hosts, Jennifer, which was quite good because I had gotten this reserved sense from her like we're not quite getting along and I couldn't quite figure out why but our talk straightened my question marks and I won't go into more detail. When I was ready I took to the streets of Chinatown, it it a very nice place to walk around in, ... read more
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
Royal Company
Welcome to Batam

Asia » Indonesia » Riau Archipelago » Batam September 6th 2014

I am a frequent traveler to Batam, Indonesia, for 1 major reason, pampering for myself, massages and SPA. This round, i stayed 1 night at this nice hotel, Harris Batam Center which located right beside the ferry terminal (as i travel via ferry from Singapore to Batam for just 1 hour), with my buddies. I appreciated travel with buddies + friends as always, together, we build memories and create photo album!... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Riau Archipelago » Batam July 29th 2014

In the last week of July, my friend Maike from Hamburg came to Singapore for a few days. The last Monday of the month was a public holiday, so we decided to spend a long weekend in Batam, the Indonesian island that is just 30 minutes by ship from Singapore. The Saturday morning started early and with a lot of queueing. We had to be at the Harbour Front Terminal not far from where I live at quarter past seven and queue to pick up our boarding passes for the boat. The journey itself was quick and easy and we arrived in Batam after only a little more than half an hour. Then, however, we had to queue at immigration for two hours. First we had to wait in front of one counter to pay for ... read more
Resort in Batam II
Resort in Batam III
Tropical rain

Asia » Indonesia » Riau Archipelago » Batam May 5th 2014

Day 1 For our school trip, we went to Telunas Beach Resort on Sugi Island in Indonesia this year. The first day, we took a 30-minute boat ride to a nearby village. Most of the village houses were on stilts over the water. The area wasn’t too mountainous so I assume that the houses were built this way to minimize the amount of bugs. We walked for 5 minutes inland to the school for our community volunteer project. When we reached the school, we helped the Indonesian middle school students build a wall around their school. First, we dug a trench and then we mixed cement and poured it into the trench. After, we laid bricks to build the actual wall. The Indonesian students helped us, although they mostly seemed more interested in taking our photos ... read more
The Beach
Telunas Beach Resort
Hiking in the River

Asia » Indonesia » Riau Archipelago » Batam January 4th 2014

Saturday, 4th January 2014 In celebration of H's liberalisation from his job, he got a room at Harris Batam Centre during the first weekend of 2014. So I volunteered to get hold of the ferry tickets for our 10.20am voyage to the island of Batam. Harris was a familiar hotel which I had stayed over for two earlier occasions. Nothing much had deviated from my past experiences even though the room check-in was available only after 2.30pm. Well, since H had scored such a nice deal from agoda, we were not really complaining. Black Canyon remained our favourite restaurant as we had our lunch during our first day and brunch on the next day. The 110,000 Rupiah breakfast at the hotel certainly did not appeal to us. I had a great stay over the weekend to ... read more
Nice food @ Black Canyon

Asia » Indonesia » Riau Archipelago » Batam November 16th 2013

Saturday, 16th November 2013 As submitted to This was my second visit to Harris Hotel Batam Centre since our previous stay in August 2012. The cheerful orangey décor never failed to impress me which helped to shape the holiday mood from the beginning. It's easy walking distance from the Ferry Terminal made it a plus point for me. I arrived at 10.40am and was glad that my bedroom was available for check-in. Since I was travelling alone this time, the staffs were extremely helpful in combining my twin-bedded room into a double bedder. This was done with a nice touch and great initiative from the friendly staffs. My only complaint was the noisy air-conditioning in room 402 that I was staying. Oh well, the pillows were slowly showing some age. Probably it was time for ... read more
Harris Hotel Batam Centre as seen from the Ferry Terminal
Nice, retro touch
My Room for the Weekend

Asia » Indonesia » Riau Archipelago » Batam May 12th 2013

Sunday, 12th May 2013 I took off to Batam View Resort just before the start of my new job with no itinerary, no plans and no friends. This mini-getaway was a perfect excuse for me to reward myself for working hard over the past year. So on the 12th of May, I switched off my phone and set off to Batam View from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Since it was a Sunday when I checked-in, the resort was fast emptying out with weekend guests returning back to Singapore. I spent my day swimming and getting some spa treatments within the resort. My evening was spent hanging out along the beach front while admiring the glorious sunset of the beautiful skies. This was a perfect getaway for me without a care in this world. It was also ... read more
Overlooking Singapore
The beach grounds

Asia » Indonesia » Riau Archipelago » Batam March 22nd 2013

Answers to Q11 The New Lunar Year brought in the year of the snake. Julia (2009) and I (1973) were born in the year of the Ox Andrew (1972), in the year of the Rat Katrina (2012), in the year of the Dragon Well done to Isabelle and John who guessed Andrew's year of birth correctly! Bonus question - When Chinese people refer to themselves as being a BbC - they mean British born Chinese Question 12 - 2 points When we stayed in Telunas (Pic 1) a month ago, Andrew and Gaspard went shrimping with the resort guides one night. (Pics 2). Shrimping is done at night, at low tide, and it must be pitch dark outside. One wears and head-torch and carries a small spear. As you wade in the water, you look for ... read more
Pic 2
Pic 2
Pic 2

Asia » Indonesia » Riau Archipelago » Batam August 25th 2012

Saturday, 25th August 2012 Before I knew it, four of us were on our way to the industrial island of Batam for our weekend getaway. url= Batam Centre was chosen as it was recommended by a close friend. They had just returned from their company retreat together with some nice reviews of the place. Our bookings were done through, an online portal that I had been dealing with for my Batam trips all these years. For me, I remained skeptical of those "coupon" websites given all the fine prints, surcharges and the liquidity of the kucing kurap agents as a whole. Prices quoted remained competitive for our 2 Day Getaway Programme complete with return ferries, 1 night accomodation and 2 meals. We too... read more
And the beautiful swimming pool

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