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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani July 24th 2009

….The edge of an active volcano that is! While in Borneo we got word of a volcano that had recently errupted in Indonesia, and was continuing to spew ash and lava. Even more exciting was knowing that there was an opportunity to hike up the volcano adjacent to it to have a front row seat for the erruptions! We spent a few days relaxing on the beaches of Kuta, Bali and then met up with Sandro and Lisa-Marie: a couple we had met in Thailand over New Year's who had decided to join us for this last leg of our Asian adventure. Upon greeting these two, we had to do a double take with Sandro as he had taken an unofficial vow not to shave when we parted ways 7 months ago in Thailand, hence ... read more
A Volcano in a Volcano
Yet Another Amazing Sunset
Mt Baru

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani July 18th 2009

So heute vom Vulkan Rinjani abgestiegen, war wirklich unglaublich. 8 Stunden Aufstieg zu dem Übernachtungslager. In unserer Gruppe wir waren 5 sind zwei ihren Magenproblemen zum Opfer gefallen und wieder ins Tal gekehrt. Der Aufstieg war beschwerlich, aber Guides und Essensträger besteigen diesen Vulkan mit Flip Flops und 25 Kilo am Rücken. Das lässt jede Jammerei irgendwie lächerlich aussehen. Der Anblick war tatsächlich erstaunlich. Man sieht den Lavastrom und der Vulkan rumort alle 5 Minuten als wäre im übel. Die Nacht oben war leider nicht zum erschlafen. Eine eissige Kälte im Zelt und vielleicht auch die falsche Ausrüstung ließen mich nur zittern und ich habe den ipod jetzt endlich fertig gehört. Bin jetzt in Sengigi (Hafenstadt Lombok), überlege heute Abend weitere Route. Vielleicht Bali, vielleicht verweile ich Lombok. ... read more
Wieder Bergblick

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani October 5th 2008

I think it was Friedriche Nietzsche (I'm sure Imangled the spelling here) that said, "Little maketh the best happiness." Well, seeing the sunrise from the top of a volcanic mountain certainly validates that claim. My last few days on the island of Lombok have been spent trekking the area around Ganung (Mount) Rinjani, a 3,700-meter (11,000-ft) inactive volcano whose crater is now a lake measuring about 3 to 4 km in diameter. But first, a word about extended travelling: It's not wall-to-wall excitement. In fact, for every day spent doing something really special and exhilarating, there's almost as much time spent in transit, waiting for transportation, or just taking care of mundane tasks like washing one's clothes in the shower or checking up on email (or writing travel blogs that may never be read!). This may ... read more
Waterfall near Gangga
Local Kids
Rinjani from afar

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani August 12th 2008

The Volcano, The day before we were suppose to leave for the volcano trek, we met 4 of the fittest guys I had seen traveling, they were all from England and played rugby, and there names might as well been Arnold, John Claude Vandam, Rambo, and Riddick. We had seen them a couple of days before working out on the beach. (We thought meatheads). So anyhow, these guys had just come back form the volcano, and were telling us how hard it was, and how it was the hardest thing any of them had ever done. They even showed us some video diaries of themselves almost crying, stating that they could barely manage to go on. There story was disconcerning, them being so fit and always working out, we had just been sitting on the beach ... read more
Ben and I
Channel over the valley
Second Waterfall

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani May 2nd 2008

Don't say after I did not warn you: This treks should not be attempted by the unfit, or city kids.. unless you are crazy, or below thirty and all your muscle cells still intact. Myself I attempted and mastered through cursing, huffin and puffin the "easier" crater rim trek. I guess it helped that I met along the way others who suffered even more and some clearly asked themselves, what the hell they were thinking in the first place. It was the first time i truly understood the meaning of battling a mountain. The trek just goes up and up and ..up. It starts at 610 meters and the rim is on 2600 meters above sea level, all in all 9.2 km. sounds easy, no? 8.20 am showed our watches when we passed the entry gate ... read more
Bali and Gilis of Lombok
Bali and Gilis of Lombok

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani July 19th 2007

Hello world - I am using a rainy afternoon in Ubud (Bali) as an opportunity to write up about my trip to the top of the vocanic giant - known to the Indonesians as 'Rinjani'.... I first saw this monster as I lazed upon the beaches of Kuta (Bali). Although it is on the neighbouring island of Lombok - Rinjani looms large and aggressively for perhaps 100s of miles... I didn't think it would be hard - I mean I have climbed the hills of Exmoor and even ventured into the valleys of Wales - How hard could it be?? Wow, words cannot explain the sweat, emotions and physical exhaustion encounted over this 4 day multi miled trek.... There were 7 of us in total, along with a guide and team of porters - who carried ... read more
On top of Indonesia
Ridge of Death
Pre Trek Energy

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani July 13th 2007

Warning - best get a cup of tea and ensure the boss isn’t looking over your shoulder, this is a long one! Fully refreshed and restocked after our couple of days in Singapore, we caught a flight to Manado which is in the north of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Travelling much lighter now after having left much of our dive gear and random unnecessary bits and bobs in Singapore was a dream and meant that we didn’t have to blag our way out of excess baggage at the check in desk. We were met at the airport (our flight was late- again!) and had an easy transfer via taxi and boat to our next home away from home - Nomad Adventure Divers (NAD) Resort on the Lembeh Strait. This is a small new resort ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani June 25th 2007

SO, first I have to apologize for the lack of gusto in this entry, since I'm not quite feeling 100%. I got a bit sick after the trek (dirty mountain food, dodgy trekking guide. I should have heard the alarm bells ringing when we saw a dead bird in the guides restaurant the day before....hmmmm...) We started the trek, all six of us, Monday morning, from the little town of Senaru. We organized the trip with a man named Harry, that we were told about while we were in the Gili Islands through someone else, through someone else, through someone else (thats how it works in Indonesia). Our transport from Bangsal to Senaru was included in the price, along with the night before the trek spent at the trek-organizers hotel. There were the six of us, ... read more
Day 1: Keep Going!
Day1: Almost there
Day1: Pretty Nice Campsite

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani May 19th 2006

Halfway through a journey originally heading over to Gili Trawangan on the 16th of May I suddenly found myself being being whisked off to Rinjani to complete a 2.5day trek which would finish on the 19th and leave me back in the Gili's at the end of it. Perfect. I had been hoping to climb this Volcanoe during my time in Indonesia and this worked out perfectly. Just to set the scene; It's a monster and still very active. It's current height at it's highest point is over 3700m. It has a crater lake at it's summit which itself is a couple of kilometres accross and is surround by the steep walls of the rim which in most places are around 600m high (lake to rim). The trek in, which started at 1000m, already on the ... read more
Early days
Good catch

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani May 16th 2006

JO LEUDDE..... hier mal keinen falschen Eindruck zu hinterlassen muß ich gleich was klaeren: die drei folgenden blogs (lombok-bali II und sulawesi) sind nicht in "echtzeit" verfasst, soll heissen, daß wir schon längst wieder im alltagstrott und in der homebase vienna zurück sind!!!!! muß mir also die kläglichen reste verbliebener eindrücke aus der hirnrinde saugen und in die tastatur klopf'n!!! sind also leider grad nicht mehr bei den supersymphatischen orang indonesia, aber das bildmaterial und das erlebte möchte ich dennoch bloggn! in diesem sinne viel spaß auf einen rückblick ins jahr 2006! los gehts mit......... LOMBOK, HEISST CHILI AUF INDONESISCH UND IST DIE NACHBARINSEL VON BALI UND SCHON ETWAS ANDERS..... PADANG BAI........ ein kleines fischerdorf in einer schönen bucht im osten balis! ein sehr gemütlicher, überschaubarer flecken, gleichz... read more
Lombok....Kuta Beach
Lombok....Kuta Beach

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