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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani April 18th 2012

Tom and I have just completed a 3 day / 2 night trek of Mt Rinjani, which is the second highest active volcano in Indonesia, the summit sits at over 3,700 metres. We booked the trip with three Canadian guys that Tom met at the surf camp and a couple of other Europeans joined our group. The first few hours started off pretty easy with a nice relaxed stroll from our base in Senaru through a forest area. After stopping for a lunch of noodles and making friends with some old guys from Jakarta who sorted us out with treats, we set off on the afternoons trek which we were told from our guide, Bas, would be a lot more difficult. A few hours later and Bas wasn't wrong, we were climbing from a starting point ... read more
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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani July 20th 2011

I decided to book a 3 day 3 night Mt Rinjani(Indonesia's 2nd highest volcano at 3726 metres) tour from Gili Islands because it seemed quite a reasonable price at $125 and they would drop me at Senggigi afterwards. The price included all transport, camping gear, porters, guide, food, and water, except for lunch and dinner on the first day at the guesthouse in Senaru. I was told to be at the port at Gili Air at 7am, but we didn't leave on the boat to Bangsar until after 8am. It was a very short trip to the port and I was very surprised how tiny it was. From there I received a 1km horse and cart ride to the waiting car where I joined three others headed for Senaru, the starting point for our trek. After ... read more
1st waterfall near Senaru
View of lake and volcano
Hot springs

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani July 5th 2011

After our extended, very relaxing stay on GT we decided to not be such lazy beach lay abouts and wanted to do something active. So we had this fantastic idea to climb Mount Rinjani. I wish someone had stopped us there and said, 'Hang on girls.... this is a 3,726 metre mountain you're talking about climbing!' but unfortunately we booked the 3D/2N tour without a second thought and we happily waved goodbye to our beloved bungalow on paradise island. We did not stay happy for long. The boat and bus transfer to the trek centre took a few hours. We were told that when we got there it would be no problem to rent shoes, rucksacks and jackets. Well, of course we were told that because the guy on GT who we booked our ticket with ... read more
Mount Rinjani
Mount Rinjani
Mount Rinjani

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani May 31st 2011

Current mood: Feeling sore Well well well... Hows it going to all of you out there loving life right now? I hope well. For me... Indonesia is making me feel like i am on top of the world. In fact, i am. Where to start? i guess where i left off. So Yeah.. we were in the Gilli's snorkeling with 8 turtles at a time, Supping Bintang and chowing down Urap Urap whilst trying to hide from the doom stare coming across the ocean from Lombok. Rinjani was certainly a feat for out thoughts let alone our bodies when deciding to give up the beach life for a little trek time. and some trek it turned out to be. Leaving the Gilli's wasn't so hard for us. it was almost a welcomed break from the beach ... read more
Local guy resting
Fleur Nieky Casey and me
on top of the world

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani May 9th 2011

We had booked the 3D2N(In fact, we had shortened this originally 4D3N trekking trip) Mt Rinjani trekking package with Rinjani Master (url ). Below are our brief trekking itinenaries :- Day 1: starting form Sembalun Lawang to Creator Rim (Night 1) Day 2: Summit climb + walking down to the lake (Night 2) Day 3: From lake to the other side of creator rim then down to pos II, Pos I and finally Senaru Cost : SGD350/pax, total 9pax. This consists of 5 tents for 9 of us, 7porters who helped in the logitics(eg our tent, food, sleeping bag, etc) during the trekking journey. 1l of mineral water/pax/day. 2 guides. F&B for the trekking trip, dinner on the arrival day, and breakfast for the departure day Additional : approx SGD20/porter DAY1 We depart from Singapore ... read more
1st day accom
1st day accom

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani December 12th 2010

Well, I’m sitting here in a little stilted lambung with 360 degrees views of hundreds upon hundreds of vividly green rice paddies as it pours with an absolutely ear-shattering, monumental, torrential rain. I understand that Australia’s been copping a fair bit itself, but I truly don’t believe I’ve ever seen it rain quite like this before. Thankfully the locals have constructed extensive and elaborate canal systems which diverts most of it away, or else I fear to say that this village would long ago ceased to exist, a sort of Indonesian version of Atlantis. I’ve found myself in the tiny little village of Tetebatu, perched on the slopes of Gunung Rinjani where I’m apparently the only tourist in town. Indonesia’s second largest volcano at nearly 4km high, Rinjani dominates the landscape in Lombok and indeed, when ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani December 12th 2010

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Unfortunately, it seems the internet connection is still too slow to upload photos to my blog, I've been trying for hours and hours. I was really looking forward to showing you some photos of all the places I've been but I do promise to set up a great slideshow that I'll be happy to show to anyone who is interested when school starts aain next year. Well, I finally managed to leave my little tropical island of Gili Air and jumped on a small boat that took me to the neighbouring land of Lombok where my adventures have continued. Lombok is the island to the east of Bali and almost two thirds of the island is one huge volcano called Gunung Rinjani. It’s really, really big – almost ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani November 19th 2010

The public boat chugged slowly away from the calm of Gili Air, bouncing over the waves towards the hustle of Bangsal Harbour on mainland Lombok. Fighting my way through the tussle of touts I found the man who I had organised to take me to Senaru – gateway for trekking to Gunung Rinjani – Indonesia’s second highest Volcano. He motioned me towards his scooter, on which we would be making the one hour journey the whole way. I was therefore, yet again, subjected to the blazing morning sunshine as I straddled the hot scooter seat wearing shorts and a vest. The sunburn returned with a vengeance. Despite the heat, the ride was very scenic. We buzzed, helmet-less, beside glorious green rice paddies that stretched for miles, local markets with large sacks of fresh produce on display ... read more
Paddy View
Trek Porters

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani January 2nd 2010

Nach all dem Feiern und faulen Tagen am Strand hatten wir zur Abwechslung mal wieder Lust auf ein wenig Bewegung. Per Boot ging es also von den Gilis nach Mataram auf Lombok und von dort im Bus weiter nach Senaru. Senaru sollte der Ausgangspunkt werden fuer eine Bergbesteigung, an die ich mich wohl noch laaaaange erinnern werde. Den restlichen Tag hatten wir Zeit um ein paar Wasserfaelle in der Umgebung ausfindig zu machen und uns auf die bevorstehende Herausforderung der naechsten 3 Tage vorzubereiten. Wenn ich an diesem Tag jedoch genau gewusst haette, was auf mich zukommen wuerde, waere ich wohl aus dem Wasserfall nie wieder herausgekommen!!! Am 03.01. ging es puenktlich 9 Uhr zum Fusse des Rinjani, der von unten betrachtet eigentlich recht harmlos aussah. Das lag wohl daran, dass man die Spitze (3745m!) gar ... read more
Auch die Kids hatten ihren Spass
Unsere Porter vor der Wanderung
Hier ist mir das erste Mal klar geworden, dass es kein Zurueck gab

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani July 25th 2009

We left our paradise island Gili Twangan with yet another night without electricity, which was no surprise and there were huge rain storms, not good for getting stuck in while getting candles. Unfortunatly for us the guys running Abdi homestay had decided to get stoned rather than get more petrol for the generator. We got our early morning boat over to Bangsal harbour on Lombok (the hell hole of the world). In this process i didnt think that maybe it would be a good idea to take my walking boots off before attempting to get into the boat. Massive error as i flooded my walking boots, definatly not a good start to a day of treking. From the hell hole harbour we got a bus that went to Senaru at the beginning of the trek. Here ... read more
Gili Air

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