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October 24th 2013
Published: November 7th 2013
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Now, although I had a pretty bad hangover, Anna and I still moved onto Lombok. Two of the Indonesian guys from Gili Air (Harry and Bucek) were from Lombok and they offered to drive us round the island on their scooters. So we took them up on their offer.

The journey from the harbour through Lombok was beautiful. Driving past rice fields, countryside, beaches and mountains. The drive took a few hours but was worth it. They pulled up at a guesthouse after making our way up a steep hill. The guesthouse was fantastic, overlooking rice terraces under Mount Rinjani. Wow! I was stunned at this picturesque scene I had just arrived at and felt very lucky.

We went to a local place for dinner and this is where we met Gian and Leo. A couple of backpackers from England who were doing it on the cheap by hitch hiking and pitching their tent wherever they could.

So anyway, back at the ranch, I am sat with Bucek while he is rolling a joint. He tells me how he really really likes me etc etc (as he has been slyly now for a couple of days). Well we end up having a conversation where he tells me he can cure my sexuality with medicine. Enough said really. I wasn't sure whether to say anything but I was getting frustrated with him trying to kiss me. Luckily he was still pleasant with me for the rest of our time together.

Anna and I had an early night as we had plans to get up early the next day.

Rise and shine in Lombok, the boys bought us pancakes to our porch before making our way to some waterfalls. One was a solitary waterfall where we stood at the bottom to look at. The other was further up and we had to walk up through the river to get to it. I wasn't feeling too stable on my feet, I think it was the aching legs from being on the scooter for a long time.

Anna was leaving the next day so we got back on the bikes to go to Sengiggi. The guys took us round the local areas where we experienced some Indonesian street life. Sat at the fruit juice stall where we had an avocado shake, drove through fields where locals lived in shacks, ate in a warung where I dined with pigeon and Anna with duck. I also tried some of Buceks leli fish. We picked up some rice wine and drove to a lookout point over Sengiggi beach and had conversations about religion (Bucek had left to see his friend down the road). It was very interesting.


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