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October 18th 2013
Published: November 7th 2013
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I'm beginning to think Indonesia is my 'chill & travel' destination and if you don't want to read this next one it's ok. I understand. Just for my memory, I spent the next four days in Gili Trawangan (the largest of the Gili Islands). Another four days of relaxing next to clear, turquoise waters on bean bags, swimming, sunsets, walking (a bit), beer, ku ku Beamer shots and vodka at the full moon party (even though we didn't make the party - Shane, Alice, Delphine and I) and some time with locals sat on my porch playing guitar and singing. The evening I spent with Mickey, Joe, Ketut and Exel on my porch was pretty awesome. I also found a local warung which made me happy as the drunken nights had pushed the budget over a bit. Don't get me wrong, I had a fun night from what I remember!

The fifth day of Gili, I got a boat over to Gili Air where I met up with Anna. She had found us a lovely place to stay. I met Angela from London as we chatted on the boat. She has been moving around for 19 years and started writing a book about her life a couple of years ago. Pretty amazing.

The two days in Gili Air I went snorkelling with Anna, Angela and Oggy (a cute guy with dreads working at the guesthouse) and saw turtles, had a bonfire at the guesthouse and sat round singing along to a couple of guitars drinking rice wine followed by a midnight swim in the sea. The second night started off calmly while watching sunset and ended up dancing like mad at the beach party drinking lots of bintang then sick in a tree.


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