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21st May 2009 Bogor, 10am “Could I have a taxi to pick me up at Mataram airport?” I asked on the phone with Lombok Express Taxi. Then they explained that taxi with meter cant go in at the airport, so they asked my number and told me to wait in front of the airport. After I did they text me the taxi id that’ll pick me up. The flight wasn’t delayed, so glad that i wont be late to get Bangsal Harbour. Mataram, 2pm When I turned on my cellphone I already got a text from the taxi driver. I walked about 5 minutes outside at the airport where the taxi was waiting for me. Now I feel bad to the tourists who have to pay twice to the taxi inside the airport. Next time, people, ... read more
makan soto

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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air May 8th 2009

Long time, No hear from!! Hello to all and apologies for our lack of contact but as we're sure most of you will know by now, we had a family emergency back in England that required us to make a sudden and unplanned return home. Unfortunately May's Nan had a stroke and has sadly passed away. Although this is very sad and May is obviously very upset, a little time has passed and she now feels the time is right to get back out on the road and complete the trip that you have all been kind enough to join us on via your internet connection. I'm affraid you will have to live without reading about Southern Thailand and Malyasia as we have had to cut these two areas out while we delt with things in ... read more
Bats in the trees - Siam Reap
Big bat - Siam Reap
Gateway (with tree) to Ta som

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air April 12th 2009

It was time to say good bye to Jennifer as she was catching the Gili Cat fast boat back to Bali a day early because her flight leaves at 2 pm on the 13th. Jerri had lined up Montana (the waiter from the Beach Cafe) for us to charter a private boat for the two of us today to go explore the other two islands. It was a traditional Balinese boat that had the outriggers on it. There was a nylon hammock between the boat and the outriggers on both sides so Jerri and I each got to ride on the hammock and sail out to Gili Meno on the hammock watching the blue water glide by beneath us. It was good to be us! We did a little snorkeling off of Gili Meno but it ... read more
Traditional boat
Jerri enjoying the hammock
About to go snorkeling

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air March 26th 2009

The best day of our life will probably pass us by without us realizing. Was it the morning after I lost my virginity and tasted appreciatively the sour memorable lick of pink grapefruit, when for the first time I listened to Etta James’ At Last and felt the words were mine? Did it come about on holiday in a small fishing village on Crete’s south coast, posing with my sister and my best friend draped in bed sheet togas against ruins light gold by a lingering sunset, sunbathing in the nude that afternoon among a flock of shaggy haired goats, dining that evening on fresh seafood, delectible cakes and much laughter? Was it a perfect day the summer of ’96, my coming out, in Berlin, bathing on the flachdach with Mariluz, drinking strong coffee, smoking Gauloise, ... read more
Chun & Judit

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air February 20th 2009

Gilli Trawangan Friday13th February 2009 Last Monday (9th February) we took the island hopper boat from Gilli Air to Gilli Trawangan, the largest of the three Gilli Islands off Lombok’s northern coast. The sea was benign, the high swells of the last week having subsided with the waning of the moon; it was such an enjoyable trip being on calmer waters. Gilli Trawangan is far more “touristy” than Gilli Air so it made a pleasant change for a day trip, however, we much prefer Gilli Air as a place to stay. One sad thing about these islands, however, is that despite their natural scenic beauty, they are dirty (littered beaches, rotting fruit and veg n the streets) and they are also littered with overbearing hawkers and drug pushers; it gets a bit tiring keep having to ... read more
Gilli Meno Island
Gilli Trawangan
Goat on the beach

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air February 9th 2009

Braving Indonesian seas in the Rainy Season! Wednesday 4th February 2009 When we left the port of Padangbai in Bali, the sea was blue, the sun was shining and the public ferry, despite being ancient and tatty, didn’t give us too much cause for concern. Once the shelter of this pretty Balinese bay was left behind, however, we knew that we were in for a very rough crossing. These old ferries don’t seem to have stabilisers and she rolled about relentlessly on the grey swell. John was OK but I had to stop myself looking at the horizon, which disappeared from view every time the ship dipped and rose on the swell, to avoid throwing up (pleased to say I didn’t). It wasn’t too bad on deck but when the rain lashed down and one had ... read more
Terra firma!
Ploughing paddy fields
Senggigi sunset

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air January 15th 2009

So after a week on Gili Trawangan we headed for the more sedate Gili Air on the 4pm island hopper boat. For those not in the knowing, the island hopper is a little boat that shuttles tourists & locals between the 3 islands daily. It is roughly a 30 minute trip including a drop off/collect at the middle island, Gili Meno. But WOW! What a short trip! The seas did not seem too bad, but out there we were being tossed about & water splashing on board quite a bit! By far our worst ferry experience - ever! Thankfully we made it safely to Gili Air ;-) (Now would be a good time to mention that, for anyone traveling in Indonesia, try & pack a life jacket/vest as these are almost non existent on the usual ... read more
Another garden pic from porch
Chilling on our porch @ Sandy's ;-)
More chilling on porch....

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A not so fair trade coffee, a not so famous scientist & less than perfect weather Several major domestic airlines connect the archipeligo, including Garuda, Batavia, Mandala, Merpati, Adam and Lion. You might recognize these names from news headlines. A disproportionate number of fatal air accidents occur in Indonesia. Planes slide off the end of rain-soaked runways or collide into the side of volcanoes. They have the adverstising slogans to prove it: such as Batavia; "Trust us to fly". Less recognized regional carriers exist in excess, connecting many of the same destinations as the big guys but at lower prices. However, bookings are usually done exclusively at airport agents, are often restricted to the relative port of disembarkation, flights are cancelled regularly and without a doubt safety standards are far below western standards. For this reason ... read more
holiday chill
Gili Air
Irish Pub, 11pm, 12/31/08

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air January 1st 2009

Selamat Tahun Baru aka Happy New Year!! I heard the music from the nearby bar - nice & loud - right into my bungalow up until 11am! hmmm, am I getting old if I say things like this?? ;) But I had a great party with my feet in the sand while dancing next to the bonfire so I can't complain! That was the exact idea of how I wanted to start my 2009! It almost did not come true as it rained the whole of wednesday absolutely non-stop. I now have a private swimming pool (of about 35degrees easily) right in front on the bungalow which I have to cycle through everytime, at high speed with legs up ;) (Daan - do you remember the days??) Since I do not have a very active lifestyle ... read more
Rain, Rain & great atmosphere!
At Mirage Bar
Before the big party

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