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November 3rd 2013
Published: November 10th 2013
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In the morning we all had a lie in until 9am. Much deserved I think.

Leaving the guesthouse early afternoon, we headed for the bird market. I didn't really know what to expect of this place. We used the local bicycle carriages to get there as it was a fair few kilometres.

This market was basically a giant pet shop. Birds, fish, bats, reptiles, rabbits, cats and dogs. The guys loved it, Benny kept saying "'s great, you never know what's going to be round the next corner". When it came to the cats and dogs, it broke my heart to see them in their cages. Yes, they were being fed, eye drops etc but still. They all looked pedigree too, such beautiful creatures.

However, there was a fun aspect of this day. Nate and Benny bought 2 chameleons as travel buddies. Crazy I know! Dewi and Jonny. After filming the buying of these creatures and chatting to Jonny, the guy selling them, Jonny obviously took a shining to the lads and asked if he could cook for us later in the afternoon at his home. We all agreed this was fine.

I'm kind of holding back with saying what was on the menu...

Ok, we had fruit bat!

The lads also watched one of them get butchered.

At Jonny's place, he was a very good host. We had coffee and some tofu pieces with our dinner. We watched the frying of the bat and finally ate it, there was not even a lot of meat on it. Poor little thing. They were so cute alive too.

Jonny took us to an art gallery where some of his own art was shown and sold. I thought there would be some incentive behind his kindness. There always has been in Indonesia so far. Benny bought a canvas painting then we made our way back to Dewi Homestay.


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