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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta August 9th 2018

Jim put us in contact with somebody at the Jogja Habitat office who arranged a driver for us. Tono, our driver, picked us up at 9:00 for a day of exploring the area surrounding Jogja. Borobudur was our first stop, about a two-hour drive from Jogja. Borobudur is a Buddhist temple dating back to the 8th century. We bought a package ticket that included entrance to Prambanan, our next stop. Fortunately, Brad still had his U Chicago student ID and was able to get a $15 discount! The grounds at Borobudur are immaculately manicured. There are large grassy yards filled with shrubs and trees. The temple itself is a large, square pyramid carved out of dark stone. Each block of the pyramid has pictures sculpted into it. Hundreds of Buddha statues line the terraces of the ... read more
Kristy Archery
Kristy at Pinus Pennger
Brad at Pinus Pennger

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta May 28th 2018

One thing about Indonesia is the interesting calls of the toads and frogs that come out at night. We particularly enjoy one creature that, in a loud and rather deep tone, has a call that sounds like “ars......soooowl” repeated about half a dozen times. I do wish I knew what it was.... Today we have a full day in Jogjakarta, with a city tour in the morning and a culinary tour in the afternoon. Our guide arrives and we set off in two bekaks – bicycle rickshaws – with me in one and Sara and the lady guide Vita in the other. We ride for about 15 minutes to the kraton. The traffic to the first time visitor to Asia might seem chaotic but to us it is positively sedate. David’s driver/rider babbles away, obviously believing ... read more
Loyal retainer of the sultan of Yogya
Water palace, Yogyakarta
Making lotek

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta May 5th 2018

Temples and rice fields and batik workshops. Also was surprisingly fantastic to get clean laundry.... read more
Prambanan Temple complex
Prambanan Temple complex
Prambanan Temple complex

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta April 27th 2018

Na ranajky opat vybehnutie na ulicu malioboro a objednane si uz teraz moje oblubene soto. Po jedle smer bus zastavka. Ta neni klasicka ako inde ale je to vyvysena (1m?) budka. Dnu sa ide cez turniket, predavacke listkov som povedal ciel condog catur terminal. V budke su dvaja obsluhujuci. Predavacka kasiruje peniaze a poskok priklada kartu k terminalu. Po prilozeny ma turniket pusta a dostavam vytlaceny papierovy listok co vysiel z terminalu. Poskok ma posiela na treti bus co prisiel, c.2a. Dvere v buse su taktiez vyvysene, bus zastal dost blizko , fuga medzi budkou a busom asi 40cm. V buse sofer a predavacka/zapisovacka. Ta sa ma pyta kam ide, oznamuje mi, ze cesta bude trvat hodinu. Pesi to vychadzalo na hodinu a pol. Ono som mohol zobrat graba ale chcel som sa zviest na tejto ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta April 26th 2018

Stretko naplanovane na 7.30. Po navigacii prichadza na skutri pred moje ubytko moslimka. Hlavu zahalenu, na rukach rukavice. Tie ma vsak len na skuter. Ten odstavuje a prilbu si zamyka o sedanku. Otvorila sedanku, popruh dala dnu a sedanku zavrela. Toto som este nevidel, zvacsa si domaci nechavaju prilbu na zrkadle ale zas toto je mesto. Na malioboro ulici zapadame do pojazdneho obcerstvenia. Objednava nam Soto ayam kampung. Polievka s nudlami, ryzou, kuracinou, zeleninou. Velmi chutne, lepsie nez bakso. Po jedle (ona zjedla asi ¼) smer pevnost vredeburg. Ranajky mi dievcina aj na protesty zaplatila. Robi v banke, teraz cez nich dost pumpuju prachu politicke strany, blizia sa volby. Povodne mi ponukala aj noclah ale kedze nemala ziadne recenzie zvolil som len stretko. Ono v azii k ludom bez recenzii spat nepojdem (vynimka bude japonsko). Moc ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta April 25th 2018

Na ranajky opat ryza s mini masom. Na vlakovu stanicu som uz s normalnou a nie krivajucou nohou prisiel cca za 15min vs skoro 40.min V parku pred stanicou kopa malych deti v uniformach svojich skol (skor take teplaky ale vsetko jednotne) v rukach resp na hlavacha mali vietnamske klobuky (kuzelovity klobuk). Na stanici ukazany papier co mi vcera vytlacili. Tetula v pokladni mi teda spravila checkin a dala mi listok. To som si mohol spravit aj ja v samoobsluznom kiosku ale ked to zacala uz robit tak co uz. Do odchodu este hodinka, tak nazad cez cestu do parku a cakanie co budu deti robit. Neaky panko ich zacal zvolavat tak sa postupne podla nazvov skol predstavovali. Bohuzial bolo ich tolko, ze som sa programu nedockal a musel ist nazad na stanicu. Pred stanicou ziadny ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta April 24th 2018

Coming back late afternoon after the temples meant every opportunity to get straight out and explore the local area. No rest for the wicked 😉 My roomie Matthew from the USA but lives in China for 3 years already, went to explore the local streets. To be fair he’s been here for 4 days already so he was pretty much my tour guide which was superb AND of course being the tourist attraction I have become, it made the stares and selfies a bit easier to digest! Lol 😆 We roamed through the hustle and bustle of Yogyakarta, batik stalls, food stalls, souvenirs - all in its abundance!!! How do they all make money when they sell the same thing?! 😖 Naturally everywhere you go there’s a McDonald’s and a Burger King and a Pizza Hut ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta April 23rd 2018

So, the hostel is small, quiet and quaint ... not at all like I experienced or am used to in South America but ok, calm down and relax a bit first before you go wild 😉 For this trip I’ll be staying in a mixture of hostels and hotels. First stop ... a hostel. Breakfast was yummy ... fresh papaya, watermelon, ananas/pineapple followed by fried eggs, toast, cheese, sausage, tomatoes ... at least only your baggage gets weighed when you go on a flight 😂😂😂 Last night the hostel arranged shared transportation to visit the temples. They offered me a sunrise tour with a 3:30am pick up but I respectfully declined given the 48 hrs of traveling I’ve just had. I thought I’d better sleep a bit but with a cockerel cock-a-doodle-doodling at 2am (clearly he ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta October 31st 2017

Once we arrived in Yogyakarta I fell violently ill for about 12 hours with food poisoning , of which I will spare the details but my last beloved meal of fried noodles “Mie Goreng” will sadly never have the same appeal to me. Ive only been similarly sick two other times, once while tea house trekking in Nepal and the other in India. Happily this happened during a time in the trip when we had some downtime and were situated in a comfortable room and I could hang out around a clean toilet. Our hotel (D’Anjek Hotel $25) was situated literally right next door to a Mosque so we got woken up to call to prayer every morning at the ridiculous hours of 0420 and again at about 0520. Coupled with our daily scavenger hunt to ... read more
Interview time

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta August 12th 2017

This morning started with another bus transfer to the outskirts of the city, where we would embark on a 20km cycle ride. En route, we stopped off at a tofu producer, where we learned about how it's made. We watched the hot, heavy work of boiling soya beans down, before mushing them and boiling them again and pressing them in. a process not dissimilar to making cheese. Then we were fortunate enough to taste fried tofu straight from the source, which was crispy, light and delicious. Soon, we were at our bikes, helmets on (not the usual cycle helmets of the west, but more like the bucket ones favoured by climbers and cavers! Very attractive, and of course, with absolutely ZERO ventilation!) The temperature was already 31 degrees and we would spend the morning with relatively ... read more

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