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August 27th 2007
Published: August 30th 2007
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Here is an update of how I've spent my first weekend in Jakarta.

Adhe is the manager of the PATTIRO office and is the main person who's being looking after me and so I spent the weekend with her. She is really nice, really confident and bubbly and speaks really good English! She's 31 and not married and recently, well I think about a year and a half ago, has become a bit disillusioned by Islam and unhappy in life so she joined this meditation centre, Sirnagalih, Now she spends every weekend with people she's met at it so this weekend she invited me to join her.
I didn't actually go into the sessions but just went back to stay at 'Mami Sri's' house with Adhe and a few of her friends. She is pretty well off and lives in a lovely big house in the suburbs of Jakarta, (Jakarta is so big suburbs go on forever, apparently it isn't actually counted as the Jakarta region but near enough!). On Saturday we went from her main house to her 'summer' house in village about another hour or two away (still kind of within Jakarta though). She doen't really use this house so has donated it to the Sirnagalih for healing any local people who want it. It's on the edge of loads of rice fields so is really pretty and we went for a little walk in the fields and took quite a lot of photos...

On Saturday evening we went to go to a Gala dinner that Mami Sri had been invited to at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the centre of Jakarta but it was qutie dull and just pomoting a new product so we went to the Planet Hollywood Resaturant instead because they have live music. The band was really good, called Second Born and are just a covers band but were more like a comedy act. Their three lead singers spent the whole time taking the piss out of each other and themselves and could actually all sing really well too! I was thoroughly entertained for about 3 hours despite most of it being in Indonesia!!

Then today I spent most of the afternoon getting a massage rather than working! def better alternative! I went with Adhe to a meeting with the Asia Foundation, (another NGO) and went out for a 'working' lunch with someone from it and then Adhe has been having back ache so we went for a 90min chinese acupuncture style massage! It was v good.. and only cost the equivalent of about 3pounds!!

right i best go now as am still in the office and it's about 9pm here so should probably leave. The house I'm living in is right opposite though so nice and convenient!

Claire xxxxxxxxx

p.s. In future blogs I am going to try and tell you something interesting I've found about Indonesian life and culture rather than just my dull antics. I feel like there's loads of things I've found really interesting about it already but haven't got time to write now, but will..

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25th September 2007

Lucky Me!
Lucky me, met Claire :) Lucky me, made Claire Happy... Then.... Come on.. share the happinest to the universe.... Learning Bahasa Indonesia : Selamat Pagi = good morning ( 00am-10am) Selamat Siang = good afternoon (10am-03pm) Selamat Sore = good evening (03am-06am) Selamat Malam = good evening/good night (06pm-00am) Selamat Tidur = good night (time to sleep) Selamat Berpisah = good bye or.... pergi dulu ya... :) Sampai jumpalagi = see you then... dan sudah dulu ya, disambung nanti lagi... (enough for now ya, continue next time:)...

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