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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng August 25th 2017

Hey allihopa! Så er første uge ved at være overstået og vi er i skrivende stund på sydkysten, i byen Yogyakarta. Vores tur startede med et par dage i Jakarta, som ikke viste sig at være noget hit - det var da også nævnt mange steder at den er trist, støvet, traffikeret og uden egentlige højdepunkter. Så vi brugte tiden på at køre rundt og kigge, ligge ved poolen og komme af med jetlaggen (vi er 5 timer foran her). At se Jakarta-skyline fra 66. etage var højdepunktet, det var tilgengæld også et nydeligt skue med en kold "Bintang" i hånden. Efter Jakarta tog vi til byen Bandung som et mellemstop, en by viste sig at være endnu værre traffikmæssigt end Jakarta - trafikken står praktisk talt stille dagen lang - som i HELT stille. Med ... read more
Jakarta skyline
Mango og lychee sælges

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng November 12th 2016

On a whim and an invite I hopped on the domestic flight from Sumatra to Jakarta the capitol, the economic seat of power, and city of nine million people on the Indonesian island of Java. Here I was to meet Amis – 25% of the C.C. (Cartagena Crew), a quarter of the F.F. (Fearsome Foursome), and an integral part of the Tower of Power who I had the privilege of crossing paths with way back in March at the start of my journey in Colombia. Upon my arrival as I dined in the wee hours of the morning alone after my long journey amidst the cockroaches and the rats on the streets of this mega city I was excited to again meet my friend the next evening and catch up on where and what we have ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng July 30th 2016

Arrived in Jakarta after a delay and one of those amazing small-world coincidences that happen sometimes while traveling. I expected to have a fairly short Shanghai-Manila-Jakarta connection. Delayed in Shanghai, I missed my connection in Manila with the only option a brief overnight followed by an early flight to Singapore connecting to an onward flight to Jakarta. On arriving back at the Manila airport early in the morning, I was sitting at the other end of the terminal from my departure gate when I heard my name. An acquaintance from San Francisco happened to be connecting to a flight to Bangkok and had seen me fiddling with my mobile. What are the chances? A missed flight, hanging at the opposite end of the terminal from my departure gate and an unexpected meet up with a friend. ... read more
Music, Old Dutch Center
Old Dutch Center

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng March 12th 2015

I had heard from some other travellers that to spend one or two days in Jakarta was plenty, so this being my one and only day I headed out to try and find my way round. Walking to the end of the quiet street and turning left onto a very busy road - similar to a dual carriageway there was a market up the side of the pavement. Selling the usual phone accessories and fake tat I was more having to watch my step - the pavements are so dirty with a layer of wet mud across them, rubbish strewn everywhere and people sleeping among large rats running between the sewers ( which are open and producing a terrible smell.) Spotting a shopping mall I headed in for some fresh air and some breakfast. Soon after ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng March 16th 2014

If you like this, please check out my other blog - Riding Motorbikes in South East Asia; Vietnam and Indonesia. First of all, if you’re googling to see if doing this is a good idea or not, then I can tell you straight away; it isn’t. Having just come back from a trip to Vietnam, where I rode a bike around the city of Hanoi, I’ve started to reflect on just what it is like riding a bike in countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam. I’ve heard from many people during my travels, that they want to learn how to ride a motorbike in places such as Vietnam and Indonesia, because they don’t need a license (which is simply not true) and they can rent a bike for a whole day for nothing more than ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng February 6th 2014 - this is my more regular blog. Detailing the more day to day life of living in Jakarta and Indonesia. Please check it out. Cobra blood and meat Living in Jakarta is always interesting. The people are always a source of surprise, the weather is at times treacherous and the food is, well, its different. The weekend just gone, I finally got around to trying a particular delicacy I have been wanting to try for a long time. Snake. Note: I don't want to hear any animal welfare bullshit on this. I should note that the snake was killed instantly and more humanely than most pigs or cows in England. So put your bacon sarny down keyboard warrior and kindly get lost. We arrived at the warung, approaching cautiously, who knows if a snake had ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng February 6th 2014 - This is my more regular blog. Detailing the simpler and more day to day life of living in this awesome country. Please come check it out. Living in Jakarta Jakarta, also known as the Big Durian. The Durian is the perfect metaphor for Jakarta, its taste divides opinion as does Jakarta in terms of living there, you will either love it, or you will hate it. It really depends on what you expect when you get here and how hard you are willing to look beneath the dirt to find the jewel which the city is becoming. Oh and should I mention, like a Durian, Jakarta smells a bit. Jakarta is a city, like many, with its own problems. Any google search will bring up heaps about its infamous “macets” (traffic jams) and “banjirs” ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng January 6th 2014

So had a very nice Christmas in Jakarta. Found an old Dutch style bar where I whiled away a few pleasant evenings. They had live music and the first night the band came on all leather, tattoos and bandanna's so I thought we were in for a bit of an ear bashing with some heavy metal before they launched into their first number White Christmas followed by Jingle bells and Santa Claus is coming to town!! Spent the days, well afternoons I've been sleeping late, seeing the sights and a few museums. Jakarta is a great big sprawling mess of a place with appalling traffic and the fumes that go with it. It takes for ever to get anywhere but luckily Taxis are dirt cheap even if you do spend half the time going nowhere. I ... read more
Horse in rain hat
New best friend
Bear on a bike

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng May 8th 2013

So I've just finished reading two pretty incredible articles on a subject which is quite close to my heart. Reverse culture shock. I've been around and been to some pretty incredible places, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Zambia and Kenya. That's just to name the real exotic ones and the ones which are probably closest to my heart. Coming back from these truly amazing experiences changed me and every time people around me would remark on it. Africa taught me to be more respectful of what I had, Brazil gave me a more heightened awareness of things around me (I still religious check my shoes before I put them on - dam spiders) and my current trip to Asia is teaching me new things all the time, which i won't truly appreciate until I leave. However, the biggest ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng April 15th 2013

Travel is an unusual business. Its full of mystery, happiness and most painfully, farewells. If there is a bad part to travel, it is that there are farewells far too often. Between my last blog and now, we said goodbye to a teacher who had cut her contract short to return home to her family. It was a sadder farewell than I can remember in my travelling days, because I had grown to depend on her, like the others in our little teacher family more than most other travelers I've come across. As one of the others put it, we depend on each other out here. We get along or we fall, we need each other to survive, to help us through the hard times and really get through. So to see her leave, left an ... read more
Happy times, long may they last
Happy Birthday Chrissy (centre)
Evil Monkey!

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