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Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Rinca September 14th 2013

Selamat Malam, Leben und Sterben, Verrotten und Gedeihen, man sollte dieser Insel den Schönheispreis verleihen. Drachen, Bäume,Blumen,lachen .......Auf dem Weg durch Flores und Rinca begegne ich guten Menschen, bösen Tieren und den schlechtesten Hauptverkehrsstraßen meines Lebens. Infrastruktur, was ist das? Straßen was ist das? Ist es möglich einen Highway Highway zu nennen wenn es eigentlich ein Downway bzw. ein Slowway ist?Es ist nicht leicht das grausame Strassenbild floretinischer Straßen wiederzugeben. Schlaglöcher, ich meine hier kann man schon gar nicht mehr von Loch sprechen. Eher Mondkrater,Zierteiche oder Opalmienen trifft es am wahrscheinlichsten, man kennt die Löcher ohne Boden im Outback Australiens... Vor einer Kurve, hinter einer Kurve, während einer Kurve und eigentlich mehr Löcher als KURVEN. Kurven die sich ängstlich an den Steilhang schmiegen, ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Rinca July 2nd 2010

So as previously stated in my last blog, after one big fucking cunt of a bastard journey I finally made it to Labuanbajo. Pretty much the epicentre for organising a trip to seeing the Komodo Dragons on either Rinca or Komodo Islands. Rinca being the closest and apparently the more easier of the islands to actually see a dragon I opted to venture there. Naturally I had to a bit of shopping around Labuanbajo to find me the best deal. Ideally if you have friends and you are in a group then you save yourself some big bucks here as you can charter a boat together and go quids in on the costs. Unfortunately I have the haphazard approach of just plain scaring people thus making it difficult to make friends so I would have to ... read more
My ship
Docking in Rinca

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Rinca September 6th 2009

Our great bus ride ended abruptly when we got to Sape in Sumbawa, this is the port where you catch the ferry across to Labuanbajo in Flores. We'd read that there was a ferry at 8am so when all the people told us it had already gone when we pulled up we thought it was the usual scam of trying to get us on their private boat so brushed them off. Finding anyone from the ferry office was quite difficult and all the time we were being told the ferry had gone, after about an hour of waiting around we found someone in a uniform who confirmed our worst fears that the ferry had indeed gone at 5am and the next wasn't due until 9pm.. or 8pm.. or 3pm... no one really knew for sure! In ... read more
Komodo Dragon posing
Desolate Rinca
Sophie in the National park

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Rinca June 24th 2009

The bus from Ruteng took an hour less to Labuanbajo than it had on the trip up. I’m not sure if it was better to get the ride over with faster so it would just be over, or if longer would have been better as it would have been somewhat less nauseating and we wouldn’t have almost been taken out by trucks on two of the blind hairpin bends. The chap in the seat in front of me threw up four times during the trip! In Labuanbajo I’m staying at the Gardena Hotel which is where most tourists stay - and there are a lot of tourists in this town (it being the gateway to Komodo). At this time of year, at least, its advisable to arrange your hotel ahead of arrival as everywhere seems to ... read more
welcome sign at the Rinca dock
pirate boat at Rinca!
skull collection in a tree on Rinca

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Rinca March 12th 2009

Day 253: Monday 9th March - A party in Labuanbajo harbour Nine of us climb on board to join the five guests and eight crew already on the Perama boat. We are later joined by others who have sailed west to east and who have got off at Labuanbajo for a farewell/arrival party. This is a bigger group than I expected, but it seems a good group and I get acquainted with a number of the group. Joining me are two girls from New York, Liz and Ivy; a French Canadian couple, Alex and Sandrine; a couple from Dorset, Mike and Trudi; an Australian girl, Philippa and an Indonesian guy. We join up with an Australian couple, a Swedish couple and a French guy who have already been on the boat for 3 days sailing to ... read more
1. Sunset, Labuanbajo harbour, Flores
3. Sailing to Rinca Island
13. Group photo, Rinca Island

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Rinca October 27th 2008

Greetings all!  The last week has been a whirlwind of boats, dragons!, sunrises, and deserted beaches ringed with coral.  We spent the first part of the week with eighteen fellow travelers aboard the vessel KLM Salawasi on a three-day trip from Lombok to Flores, via Komodo and several smaller islands.  The first evening, we watched the sun set and ate a dinner of just-caught fish around a campfire on a tiny private island shadowed by Lombok's highest volcano.  Our mellow was harshed, however, when the crew had us sit together by nationality (we were the only Americans) and told us that the night's entertainment would be each group performing a song from their country.  For a minute we thought no one would bother, but we realized we needed to get to work when the French group ... read more
Sunrise over the Komodo Islands
On the beach at our own private island

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Rinca August 13th 2008

You cannot come to this part of Indonesia and not go to see the famous Komodo Dragons. This is the only part of the world that they exist and so they are quite rare. The boat ride to the island of Rinca was two hours long. There were no seats in the boat just the floor or the edge of the boat to sit on, fortunately there were only four of us so we were able to spread out, lie down ect. The sea was as calm as a millpond luckily for us as this part of the world is known for it’s treacherous seas. Once again, just like when we were leaving Kapas a large pod of dolphins came to entertain us on our journey. When we arrived on the island we were met by ... read more
Juvunile Dragon Sniffing Around the Nest
Mother Guarding her Nest
Getting a Bit Too Close for Comfort!

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