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March 10th 2017
Published: March 25th 2018
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South Bali is magical. There’s a hundred beautiful beaches to be discovered down on the Bukit Peninsula. On my previous two trips to Bali, I had always ended my holiday around Ulu Watu, and I had always regretted not spending more time in that area. I could remember sharp cliffs overlooking the turquoise ocean. With Shushu (Becky’s stepdad) being a photography enthusiast, my mind was set on finding those exquisite places to make Becky’s family’s first time abroad unforgettable. So this time, after getting a rental car, I decided to start with the South but my plan remained pretty vague… we’d slowly drive around the peninsula for a few days, and have a look at different beaches, but we didn’t have a set place in mind, and no accommodation booked.

The weather wasn’t ideal when we left Kuta. The ocean looked as dark as the clouds above. We first drove south of the airport to Jimbaran Beach: a beautiful long stretch of golden sand dotted with luxurious hotels. We enjoyed a nice walk out and tried to imagine how amazing this place would be on a sunny day. We tried to look for the local fish market my guidebook recommended, navigating between hotel properties and construction sites... We asked security guards but they all seemed puzzled. Either we were on the wrong side of the road or the Jimbaran fish market had long been replaced by fancy hotels.

We then drove to Bingin Beach where a few brave surfers were facing the waves and the rocky shore at load tide. March seems to be the low season in Bali (rainy season ends around March though). Most shack-restaurants built on the cliffs of Bingin were either empty or closed. I was disappointed. I expected excitement, sunshine, sexy surfies. I wanted something spectacular for Becky and her family… but good things come to those who wait, right?

We got back in the car and I suggested we drove to Dreamland Beach to have lunch. Last time I was at Dreamland, a cop had stopped me over and I had to pay a fine because I had forgotten my driver’s license at the hotel… I remembered a dirt road and a wild parking lot in a field. The road has been paved since then, but it's still extremely narrow and windy to get there. We must have taken the wrong road because there was no other car parked anywhere, and we still had to walk 10 minutes to get to the beach. But as we stepped out of the car, the sun came out, and it changed everything! We grabbed our swim suits and towels, and off we went to one of the best viewpoints and beaches in Bali!

We walked along the cliff on a grassy path. The ocean looked stunning: azure, turquoise perfection! White waves were gently rolling over the smooth golden white sand, rocking all of us into a sweet reverie. An attractive Russian lady was taking the pose on the beach: still dreaming! Becky and her Mom went down to the beach. Shushu and I stayed above to take photos and take it all in. What a place! There’s a hotel built above the beach but it is so far above that it doesn’t really damage the view. Thirty umbrellas were set up for tourists in front of the restaurant at the foot of the cliff. It was lunch time, and the sun was blazing hot! We stayed in the shade, ordered food, and simply enjoyed the view while sipping the best mango and papaya juices
my own poolmy own poolmy own pool

at Dreamland
on Earth!

Tourists were mostly concentrated in front of the restaurant. We decided to walk down the beach and see what it looked like farther down. And wow! It only got better! The beach was almost wild, with white rock cliffs on the right side, and green patches of grass and bush here and there, and the blue ocean to the left. We walked about 500 meters and hardly saw anyone. At the very end of the beach, there is an area where the sand slowly disappears to give place to a rocky bottom with holes of different sizes. The rocky surface has been polished by the waves and it was surprisingly comfortable. It was low tide. We jumped in! We had found a private jacuzzi on the beach: Dreamland definitely deserves its name!

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Dreamland, March 2017
One of my favorite pics!One of my favorite pics!
One of my favorite pics!

What a lovely place to spend the afternoon!
Getting to DreamlandGetting to Dreamland
Getting to Dreamland

There's one big hotel above with a restaurant that serves amazing fruit juices. Then you walk down the beach, and you'll have the beach to yourself.
Lovely placeLovely place
Lovely place

March 2017

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