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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Uluwatu December 9th 2018

Issy wants to sleep so I set off on my own south along the beachfront to the Garden of Hope Peninsula Island. I wonder how something can be both a peninsula and an island but then decide that I should probably start wondering about things like this a lot less. The small peninsula’s (it’s joined to the mainland) main attractions are two very large and impressive Balinese statues, and a feature known as Waterblow where waves supposedly force water high into the air through holes in the rock. There are signs everywhere warning that Waterblow is closed today due to hazardous conditions, but no one takes any notice of these and there are lots of people on the two observation platforms. The sea is flat calm and it‘s low tide, so it’s a bit hard to ... read more
Garden of Hope Peninsula Island
The Sofitel
View from clifftop, Uluwatu Temple

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Uluwatu September 29th 2017

Końcowy wpis to zazwyczaj podsumowanie naszego wyjazdu. Podsumowałem go jednak już w połowie, więc dziś tylko albo i aż o Kecaku. Kecak to rodzaj tradycyjnego tańca/przedstawienia rdzennie indonezyjskiego. Sięga bardzo głęboko w indonezyjską tradycję. Tak głęboko, że dla widza spoza tego kraju, fabuła opisana w folderach jakie dostaje się przed jego rozpoczęciem, jest nie do opanowania. Przy pierwszym do niego podejściu człowiek gubi się w postaciach i ich roli. Nie to jest jednak w przedstawieniu najważniejsze. Kecak mieliśmy obejrzeć już na samym początku naszego pobytu. Jednak każdego dnia w Ubud coś nam to uniemożliwiało. Raz było za ciemno. Innym razem woda w basenie kusiła zbyt mocno. Jeszcze innego dnia wstydziliśmy się pokazać na mieście po spożyciu duriana (Nie było konsensusu odnośnie tego czy umycie zębów wystarczy). Odłożyliśmy ... read more
Uluwatu Temple.
Uluwatu Temple
Amifeatr pelen.

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Uluwatu March 12th 2017

South Bali, baby! This is definitely one of my favorite places on Earth! I don’t need to write much about the beauty of the Bukit Peninsula, just take a look at the photos and enjoy! Breathtaking = picturesque = splendid = gorgeous + amazing = stunning! + peaceful = serene… If some of my IELTS students ever read this blog entry, they will smile because I constantly remind them to use these words when describing beautiful places they’ve been to. South Bali is all about the ocean. From Ulu Watu to Sanur, the coastline is amazing and untouched. These last few years, roads have literally been carved into the rock to give people access to newly found pristine beaches. Beaches such as Nyang Nyang, Karma, and Pandawa were out of reach in the past. Massive cliffs ... read more
Pantai Pandawa
This is life!
La vraie vie!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Uluwatu March 10th 2017

South Bali is magical. There’s a hundred beautiful beaches to be discovered down on the Bukit Peninsula. On my previous two trips to Bali, I had always ended my holiday around Ulu Watu, and I had always regretted not spending more time in that area. I could remember sharp cliffs overlooking the turquoise ocean. With Shushu (Becky’s stepdad) being a photography enthusiast, my mind was set on finding those exquisite places to make Becky’s family’s first time abroad unforgettable. So this time, after getting a rental car, I decided to start with the South but my plan remained pretty vague… we’d slowly drive around the peninsula for a few days, and have a look at different beaches, but we didn’t have a set place in mind, and no accommodation booked. The weather wasn’t ideal when we ... read more
Becky seems happy!
as we walked farther down
my own pool

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Uluwatu January 17th 2017

One of the nice things about Breakfast in resorts is that you get to eat things you don't normally eat. For example, Brett and Emily have discovered the joy of freshly cooked donuts covered with vanilla cream; a far cry from their normal bacon and eggs. Not a habit that they will return to Australia with but fun while travelling. When walking back from breakfast to the room we saw a worker who was inscribing messages and designs into sand gardens inside the hotel. We've been looking at these each day as they have been changing on a regular basis. He had cleared all old messages and was starting fresh today so we asked him if he would write a message for us. We kept it simple "Happy Holiday Crosby Family, Bali 2017". It was amazing ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Uluwatu May 26th 2016

26th May Woke up, looked down and the white t shirt I had on, it had this big blood splat on the front :( :( I jus froze and thought oh gosh there's gona be a swatted bug underneath, but there wasn't, I jus got the t shirt off straight away and put it in the bin.... Brian however was covered in bites, like so many, on his forehead, the back of his neck, that bed bug I flicked off my bed must of had a right feast last night.. Hahaha. Still didn't mention the bugs and jus let them think it was mozzies. Packed up the backpack, checked out, but stayed to have breakfast as the boat wasn't until 11.30. Ang came over to say goodbye, we were all sat out having breakfast and Brian ... read more
Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Uluwatu January 12th 2014

Tip: - we paid a guy to drive us to Uluwatu which cost us about £20 - according to the locals in Semenyak there are no public buses that go down to the area since there isn't much demand for local people to travel there. We booked a nice, basic room at a house-stay using - it cost peanuts and there were tonnes of places to chose from - most of them hire mopeds and this is best way to get around Uluwatu - the roads are quiet so makes for a easy moped experience. We took the moped up to Pura lahur temple - there are excellent views of the ocean and lots of cheeky little monkeys to laugh at. It's a bit of a tourist trap but it's worth seeing. Head to Uluwatu ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Uluwatu January 26th 2013

Here follows part 2: January 16th-January 21st The morning in Seminyak was very pleasant, consisting of a lovely breakfast to the sound of an endless, playful Balinese melody and a swim in a beautiful pool. Then we were off in a taxi, to Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali. Some of you may recognize this as the place in the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love, though I assure you I saw no sign of Julia Roberts. Although, according to our guide book, you can visit the same old man and the same healer as in the movie. We did not. Our place of residence for our two days here in Ubud was Artini 3, which was quite a stunning place. As we were led to our room the ground dropped off down a hill, at the bottom ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Uluwatu January 13th 2012

It was hard leaving Nusa Dua because we were so spoiled at Sagara. I can see myself living in one of these apartments. I have been talking to a few land owner here and it seems they actually do not own the land but rather only a 40 year lease. In some cases $7500 a year can get you a hostel with 3 BR along the beach. Sure beats Vancouver real estate. Average local rent here is $80/month. I think $200 a month will get you a pretty decent place. We eventually made it back to the West side to Uluwatu because apparently there are some surf breaks there. We made our way near Bunin beach and stayed at this hostel literally right on the beach. Our room was located on the top floor and the ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Uluwatu January 11th 2012

Nusa Dua is 17 kms from Katu and cost about 100K rupee ($10) but we paid $15 because we are tourist and love to get ripped off. My recommendation is to skip all the prepaid transport and go with meter taxi. Unlike Vancouver, taxi's here are super cheap. Most of them are metered so if they refuse I would move on. Nusa Dua reminds me of Tarmindo in Costa Rica. It is very touristy and full of gated hotel compound where some are 5 stars charging $800 a night. The sun finally came out and it was hot and humid so it made hostel hunting a problem. The first place we looked at was average and the bed did not pass my ass test. If the pillows smell like ass walk away. It was too hot ... read more

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