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July 3rd 2017
Published: July 5th 2017
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We arrived at Ubud and when you saw the amount of people you wanted to live in a country like Norway. The heat made it even worse but at least we found our hotel and we all fell asleep. Then we went to eat curry and Indonesian food. We didn't do much in Ubud apart from the best bike tour with a guide I ever had! It wasn't only for us but it didn't ruin anything. Our guide was a good joker and he explained everything clearly. First the minibus drove us to a terrace which had a view on a volcano SEE IMAGES!

The guide explained us about Bali family life. He told us the four names of the four kids. Normally the parents had four kids ( and the four kids will have to serve the parents when they are old so the more you make the better. ) and the four names are always the same in every family. The first would be Wyan and I can't remember the three others. The problem was when you said "Where's Wyan " you would probably thousands of "I'm here" so they gave nicknames. The guide's nickname was Pang. In international years Pang was twenty, but in Balinese years he was eighty-one. Back to the names, If you'd have five kids you would have to start all over again but second the Wyan will be called accident Wyan. After our massive breakfast buffet we went to see the tea, coffee and tropical fruit plantation and took pictures of the rain forest SEE IMAGES. Then we saw the Balinese family house and Pang explained everything about it. The grandparents house was in the north part of the family place, and for respect to the grandparents their house was higher than any other one. The problem is that it means that the grandparents have to climb more steps. Then we went to see the rice fields and Pang told us about the split of men and women's work. The mens job was to plough the fields and plant the rice and the women cut the rice off the crops and dried it. There was relationship between farmers and ducks because duck eats in the ride fields and the rice is fertilized by duck s*** and then the farmer eats duck and duck eats farmer (kidding!!!!).

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