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December 11th 2007
Published: December 11th 2007
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Sunset at Sanur BeachSunset at Sanur BeachSunset at Sanur Beach

Rest, relax and gaze at the sea.

We would like to start this blog off with a request/ challenge. We have a good friend in Olympia who has a son named Jayson. He is currently in 3rd grade and learning about our world. He has recently started a worldwide stamp collection and we’ve been trying to help him by sending a postcard from each country that we have traveled to. I would like to ask that each of you write down his address and when you travel outside the US in the next few months please send him a postcard from whatever country you are in. I know that many of you have friends and family living and traveling abroad. Would you please send this request to them and ask them to send him a card. We would like to see if we can fill his mailbox in the next few months. We hope that you are willing to help. Feel free to sign it: “travel blog friends” and he will know why he is receiving the card.
Jayson H. 1225 11th Ct. SW, Olympia, Washington 98502 Thanks for your consideration!

Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves. Our current location is our a perfect example. When we reserved our room on the internet, we thought our hotel was in Kuta Beach but it turns out it was in Sanur Beach…….. and we ended up being very happy about our mistake. Sanur Beach is a very small and quiet town. It is on the southeast corner of the island about 30 minutes from Kuta Beach which is located on the southwest corner of the island. Our hotel was beachfront and offered us the sanctuary of a private beach, which protected us from sales people offering us everything from a massage to a “special deal” on travel. We visited Kuta Beach and discovered that it is quite busy and very touristy with shops, restaurants, and nightlife, most designed for the younger crowd. Lots of noisy bars and neon lights, it was very crowded and chaotic. Definitely not our style.

We always enjoy the beach, and are not disappointed here. This last stop in Asia also gives us the chance to rest up a little and get ready for New Zealand, which will provide many opportunities for hiking that gorgeous nation.

We don’t know if you remember the terrorist bombings that occurred in Bali
Dave on the beachDave on the beachDave on the beach

Our lives have slowed down...which is what we were hoping for.
in 2002 and 2004. These bombing occurred in Kuta Beach so that is another reason we are glad that our hotel was in Sanur Beach. The island has really suffered financially since the bombings as tourism has really dropped off, although we were glad to hear that the last few months it has really been on the rise.

We have enjoyed our time in Bali. It is a beautiful island. Like most places we have visited, the people are quite friendly. And like most of Southeast Asia, the people work many long hours for little money and are living day to day is most circumstances. They work to give their children a better life, but the conditions make that a tall task.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our travels throughout Asia these last months. Our only regret is not being able to go to Myanmar because of the unstable conditions there. We have learned so much about the region and about ourselves through this journey. We’ve seen natural beauty, wonderful temples, and met some wonderful people. We’ve also seen the poverty that some live in as these countries work hard to overcome their history of colonialization and dominance by
MJ in the lobbyMJ in the lobbyMJ in the lobby

Heading out to dinner and to explore
other nations. It provides a good perspective on how lucky we are to live in America. So many things that we take for granted are luxuries for the people in these countries.

This blog is very short because we didn’t do much exploring here….swimming, reading and walking on the beach.

More facts about Indonesia:

More than 300 languages are spoken in Indonesia, but an official language, Bahasa Indonesia (regarded as the purest Malay), has been adopted and has spread rapidly; it is now understood in all but the most remote villages.

In Dec., 2004, a huge tsunami caused by an earthquake off NW Sumatra devastated Aceh, killing some 130,000 people, and a subsequent earthquake in March, caused much destruction on the islands of Simeulue and Nias, west of Sumatra.

The Balinese (a Malayan group closely related to the Javanese) are skillful farmers; rice, the chief crop, is grown with the aid of elaborate irrigation systems. Vegetables, fruits, coffee, and coconuts are also produced. Livestock is important; pigs and cattle are major export items. Industries include food processing, tourism, and handicrafts. The people are noted for their artistic skill (especially wood carving), and their high level

We are having the best time on our trip around the world!!
of culture, which includes advanced forms of music, folk drama, dancing, and architecture. They are Hindu in a nation that is overwhelmingly Muslim; their unique ritualistic culture, as well as the island's scenic beauty, has made Bali one of the great tourist attractions of East Asia.

We have realized that two of the things that we are enjoying the most is spending time together and having time to sit and think.

That’s it for now……….on to New Zealand………

Additional photos below
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Band at the hotelBand at the hotel
Band at the hotel

A very good band. They were rockin' out.
Early morning at breakfastEarly morning at breakfast
Early morning at breakfast

View from the dining room
Sanur BeachSanur Beach
Sanur Beach

We really enjoy having time to sit and think.
Obligatory  pool photoObligatory  pool photo
Obligatory pool photo

We have gotten very tan in the past couple of weeks!
A beautiful flowerA beautiful flower
A beautiful flower

Beauty can be found in many things and in many places.

15th December 2007

Christmas Greetings
Enjoying all your blogs. Wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Greetings from the gals at GHC OB/GYN ! Stay safe. Bev Raschke

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