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August 8th 2006
Published: August 10th 2006
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Id like to introduce Tammy:)

When I finally arrived in Singapore after the push and shove match at the boarder I checked into the Cozy Corner Backpackers Hostel and stayed 3 nights. For some reason I had my days all messed up and thought Tammy was coming my second night there. I was on my way to the airport when I had a little feeling something wasn't right and when I checked my watch sure enough I was a day early. What a disappointment, I still had 24 hours till she arrived. Now Singapore is a nice city and all but it's really not my thing. Everything is so commercialized and it seems like all there is to do is spend money and it's not cheap. Well I tried to pass the day by sleeping, reading and walking around but it was still long and grueling. Finally midnight came and Tammy was there, it was so nice to see a familiar face, not only that but one of a good friend.

The next day we were off bright and early to Kuala Lumpur to catch a flight to Bali that we almost missed. We got there like 20 minutes before

Gili Sunset
boarding and my punishment was that I couldn't take my luggage with me. We had to stuff everything I needed into mine and Tammy's carry on but we were just happy to make it onto the flight which was delayed like an hour anyways. Bail, I loved Bali, everything is sooo cheap!!! Well we did a lot of shopping and eating. Kuta was the first place we stayed and I'd have to admit I really didn't like it at first. I'm just not really into seeing more tourists than locals. And the locals that you do see are constantly harassing you to by this buy and that, massage, manicure. I wanted to scream!!! So after a couple of days of that we went to the Gili Trawangan in Lombok, the trip took the whole day to get there and with no sleep the night before Tammy and I were a lil grumpy, but getting harassed at every ferry terminal and on the boat didn't help.

It was all worth it in the end, the island was gorgeous and the water and beaches, just like paradise. We stayed out of the main area about a 10 minute walk to

A chicken with his head....still on
the center. Eating, snorkeling and tanning filled our days. The snorkeling was fantastic, there were turtles, nudibranch, puffers and lots of cool fish. It was heaven for me, Tammy preferred the Kuta life but still loved it too. I think it was 4 nights we stayed and we left because we were right out of money and there were no ATM's. So back to Kuta there was a lot of partying and shopping again. I spent more money in the 2 weeks with Tammy than I do in a month!! I needed new clothes anyways😉

We finished out trip with a trip to Ubud where all we really did was see the monkey farm and get massages. It was a nice way to end it. Tammy had monkeys crawling all over her. I had one nibble on me and a big mean male slap me and chase me away. We got to watch them swimming and playing in the water. It's so funny how they play. One would be swimming under water and another would slap him in the head or pounce on him, then the chase was on. It was a good laugh.

Our flight

wasn't until 2pm on the 7th so we spent a couple hours at the beach in the morning and finished up the last of the shopping. We flew to KL and then got a flight from KL to JB(30 minutes from Singapore), by the time we got to Singapore it was almost midnight. Up at 7am for Tammy's flight and I sent her off. She wasn't ready and I don't blame her, back to work, gives me goose bumps. LOL.

Since I was at the airport with all my things I checked out a flight to Bangkok, there was one that evening so I waited like 10 hours in the airport, mainly because I didn't want to go back into Singapore, and now I'm here in Bangkok.....

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Id like to introduce Tammy:)

This is Kuta if you know what I mean;) (I don't know these gals)

Lady giving offerings to her God
Gili TrawanganGili Trawangan
Gili Trawangan

I didn't even do mushy's while I was there;(
Gili TrawanganGili Trawangan
Gili Trawangan

On the way to Gili's

all men

Monkey Forest

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