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June 29th 2008
Published: July 5th 2008
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Left raining Gainesville with Amanda after months of preparation for India.

I was dreadling the 6 hour stop in DUBAI but it was actually interesting. We though of getting out on a taxi to see the city but were advised against it. Watching people at the terminal kept us busy:

1- The women in Burkas: I thought that once all covered up in black fabric, all muslin women looked the same. Wrong me! Shapes of the vail, the openning around the eyes, and how the burk was fitted all differed and reviewd " styles". The expensive designer bags worn, gucci, channel, etc, clashed with the black while displayig wealth.

2- The inumerous groups of short, poor men sleeping on the floor were hard to ignore. construction workers for Sri lanka was my guess.

3- Mc ARABIA at McDonald!!!! Surprisingly delicious alternative to the horrible Big Mac. The fries were fair and the diet coke horrendous.

4- US military in transit to or from Iraq. The ones on the plane with us were '"We are not afraid. We are tough, big, ex-military". Over McArabia, an american who have been in Iraq for the past 5 years kept repeating " I have no feeling any more. I am numb" but than would add " The media should not be in iraq. It's all lies Don't believe it. Iraq is doing well". he was full of controversies, and wishing him well he went to another 2 weeks off every 120 days in Iraq.

5- Duty free. I get the perfumes, liquor, chocolate, but oversized, gigantic can of powdered milk by nestle??!!

It will be 33 hours from home to Delhi. Will write from there and beyond.


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