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June 29th 2008
Published: July 6th 2008
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Namaste from India!

Warnings of the moonsons, the deadly heat, and "Delhi Belly" (intestinal distress) were abundant. But, the tickets were bought and the determination to venture endured, and so, after 33 hours of traveling, in India we arrived at 5 in the morning. The driver from the hotel was waiting for us.

The drive to the city was not picturestic at all. Several very poor huts, people defecating on the open field, bad/dusty road.

I thought all the reading I did, all the warnings and advices from other travelers and Indian friends I had got had prepared me for Delhi, but NOT. I don't think it's possible to be ready to endure the Paharganj area, where traveller end up. The ever enerving pesky touts (men trying to get you to go places they get commission, who follow you like the plaque), the insistent rickshaw drivers, the beggers, the cows, the loud horns, the dust, the poverty, the cows and people defecating on the streets, more cows, pigs, dust, the heat and horrible smell. Wow!!! An unbearable combination which was very hard to take, despite jet lag, and after a couple of hours in the madness, I was determined to get out of Delhi the same day I arrived.

After having fallen into the trick of a autorickshaw driver, we arrived at the tour operator which was supposed to be a 10 minute walk away from the Hotel Ajanta, 40 minutes later... but booked a car and driver to take us for a 4 day tour of the Golden Triangle, checked out of the hotel (bye-bye money) and off we went with our drivr Raju.

Before departuring crazy Delhi we vsited the very nice GHANDI MUSEUM, getting a deeper glimpse at the life of the incredible man who made his life his message of peace, respect and freedom for his people and all cultures.

Than we went to the incredible LOTUS TEMPLE, shaped like a white lotus flower. Althought it's a Bahai temple, it welcomes people of all faiths. Since it was Sunday, there were hundreds, or even thousands of people in lines leading to the huge structure. Under the killer sun, we took our shoes off and joined the lines of people.
Inside, no statues, saints, gurus, or deities. Just a vast space. The principle of the Bahai faith calls for elimination of prejudice and for universal peace. So, a pray for these were in order as I set quiety in the grandiose temple.

It had been 19 hours since we landed in India as we arrived in Agra. We had done soooo much already that Amanda said: "This day fews like 3 days in one". Yeap! In 24 hours we had been in Dubai, Delhi, the roads and airspaces in between, and now we arrive in Agra.

I promise pictures next blog. No time now.

As always, I hope I haven't bored you and that you will be in touch.


6th July 2008

from california
Oi Amiga, Que bom acompanhar voce de novo nesta sua nova aventura. Se voce juntar seus blogs, pode publicar um livro. Sempre um lugar diferente! Mande fotos pra mim. beijos.
7th July 2008

Good luck in India!
Lo dices muy bien, uno nunca esta preparado para ver tanta pobreza y la muerte tan cercana, pero el shock ayuda a crecer...Buena suerte y si kieres encontrar una India mas amigable y placentera vete al sur. besos
7th July 2008

Crazy Delhi!
Hi, Yes, Delhi is certainly a sight to behold! We just arrived in McLeod this morning (Monday). There were hotel rooms all over the place. We are staying for 300R in Pawan House. It's pretty nice. Let me know when you are here (are you here now?!) as it would be fun to share stories over dinner one night. I'll try to check internet every day - just say a time and place. Maybe McLlo restaurant (has a rooftop, not checked it out thought yet) one evening. Let me know! :)
9th July 2008

let's meet in McLeod
We are in the same guesthouse as you guys. let's meet for dinner.
9th July 2008

Hi Leo
Hey there. I am learning the Indian way of travelling and will still to the northern india for now. You're right that this is a hard country to travel, but challenging adventure has it's rewards. Tchau and keep in touch.
9th July 2008

oi amiga
pois eh, desta vez tenho amanda sendo introduzida ao "independed travel world", no pais mais dificil de se viajar. mas ta sendo maravilhoso overall. mandarei fotos em brevebeijos Pa
9th July 2008

Que aventura!
Muito legal as notícias da Índia. Senti falta das fotos. Aproveitem bem. Abraços, Angela
10th July 2008

Oi,Patricia! Estás me matando de inveja (no bom sentido,é claro!).Esta mística milenar indiana me fascina!Aguardo fotos e comentários. Curta bastante pois vc merece,menina. Beijos. Neno.
10th July 2008

oi neno
photos sendo enviadas nos proximos blogs, ok! fique ligado. eh bom saber que estamos em contato, beijo
10th July 2008

oi angela
fotos daqui pra frente, ok? eh so encontrar conneccao. abracos pra todos. da prima patricia

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