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March 16th 2008
Published: March 16th 2008
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Hello there

Yeap. Not much to report from the land of cowboys and armadillos, since this isn't my usual type of entry, from some interesting place somewhere in the world. But again, this is a professioanl trip, and the destination is certainly not the main issue.
I am in Dallas for a conference on diabetes, the disease I have a passion to try to help patients control.

On my way here I luckly escaped, by a matter of hours, the tragic mess created in Atlanta by the severe storms and tornados.

Well! I don't think there is much to see and write about from here, besides the site where president John F Kennedy was assassinated. From my hotel room window I can see the street where it happened and even "the window on the 6th floor" from where "apparently" the shot came from. That's a sad piece of history to remember.... as it is to think that this is also the land of our &@&?^!!$$@$&&%$#&$ current president, Mr. Bush :-( (Can you guess who I am voting for this coming election?)

On the cover of one of the gossip magazines, the "big' news that Angelina Jolie is going to deliver her baby in Texas. My big question is: Why??????????? and also: Why is this worth a headline???????

Sorry, no pictures this time, but hopefully some coming up from my next trip in a few days.

Talk to you than, and keep in touch. I love hearing from you.



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