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May 28th 2006
Published: May 29th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

the corner storethe corner storethe corner store

This is what the corner store in Raiwala looks like.
In my last entry, "peace on earth," I wrote about the morning I spent in Raiwala Village -- where Aurovalley Ashram is located. Here are some of the many pictures I took. Everyone wanted to have their picture taken!

My visit caused a big stir. I felt like a celebrity. People kept coming by to say hello and ask me "which country?" and "married?" Some also wanted to tell me about or show me something of interest in the village, such as the girl who brought out the tiny kittens or the family that showed me their bull.

I just wish I spoke Hindi. You can only get so far with smiling, pointing and waving! Nevetheless, there is so much in human communication that is universal. They were interested in me, and I was interested in them, and that was very clear. And the warmth everyone exuded was incredible. I had an amazing time.

They say that India is lived in the villages. To this day, more than 70% of India's one billion people still live in small, rustic villages, where they pump water from a well, tend to animals, farm (largely by hand) -- and generally continue
as you can see, the children ...as you can see, the children ...as you can see, the children ...

... were running towards me, to have their picture taken.
to live a traditional life.

I would like to learn some Hindi before I return to India, and spend more time in rural India. Actually, I have a long list of things I want to do and places I want to visit when I return ... But that's another topic ...

Enjoy these pictures! They are among my favourite pics I have taken on this trip.

It is now only three days until I leave, so I will probably post only one more blog entry while in India.

Additional photos below
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this very warm woman ...this very warm woman ...
this very warm woman ...

.. runs the video shop. I sat with her behind the counter as person after person came by to say hello.
a house in the villagea house in the village
a house in the village

Animals, perhaps especially cows, live very closely with the people in Raiwala.
another shop owner who invited me ..another shop owner who invited me ..
another shop owner who invited me ..

.. to sit and have a cold drink with him
the girl on the left ...the girl on the left ...
the girl on the left ...

... brought out four new-born kittens for me to see (the mother cat wasn't pleased, though ...)
more children who wanted ...more children who wanted ...
more children who wanted ...

... their picture taken

29th May 2006

good reading!
ive really enjoyed reading your journals.ill be sad when you leave iondia.im from the uk.
29th May 2006

good reading
ive really enjoyed your travels .so envious.will miss them when you leave india
29th May 2006

"human communication" - good ending to this chapter of your trip. Safe trip to Toronto!
31st May 2006

What a great end to your trip! I will miss reading these blogs in the morning, but it will be good to see you when you get back. Be sure to drop by the "hood" for a tea on the front porch.
11th January 2008

Feels nice to see my own village here. I know every person in your photos.
17th January 2008

Thank you
Thank you for the comment. I think you are very lucky -- I love Raiwala village and the incredibly warm and friendly people there. I never wanted to leave!
13th September 2008

I am a permanent resident of Raiwala village who is working as a teacher in Raiwala....It was fun to seemy own village photographs on net and especially seeing the village by your eyes is a wonderful experience...........thankyou so much for your precious words
5th February 2009

village of dreams
It was really great to see my villages pics on net . these r so beautiful that i dont have words to express..... When u r next planning to visit the heaven on earth (raiwala village)
10th April 2009

Dream Villege Raiwala
Thanks lovely lady 4 visiting YOGA Vill Raiwala. I m glad to see my vill on world map. May the Almighty again force u 2 visit Raiwala.
1st July 2009

who r u
bhai ho kon jo raiwala ke bare me itna type kar raha hai jo,,,,,,,,,,,.........
6th July 2009

12th August 2009

i like my pleace. and i miss too.i miss my freinds my childwood.when im baby.but now im in d jorden.love u miss u.
26th October 2009

rocking raiwala's
its a place near to nature
26th October 2009

Welcome to India
I am really proud of my country and it is nice to known that you had a good time there. But if you face any inconvenienace or any thing wrong or disrespectful, Please dont' blame the whole country. Because in last few dacade, People of India have become little rude. My foreign women have been raped or assaulted in some way. So, Be careful my dear. India has a saying "Atithi devo Bhava" in Hindu Culture that mean A guest is Like God - God may visit you as a guest. Welcome you.....
23rd November 2009

about my villege
i m very happy to see my house
28th February 2010

this village is nice but many people is unemployment.so ,raiwala near gand gaon......................
21st March 2010

I hv seen these pics first time 3-4 years back... but still I enjoy... and happy to c the comments from known ppls like. Nitin Negi.. Upasna Rayal, Pushkar.............. Thanks Mariellen . your most welcome in Raiwala..
29th March 2010

hello to great and great leady to visit my beautiful small village.i m realy very surprise to see my village and comment in net.i am belong to raiwala village i study in school there but last 25 years i am out of my village and country .now i am in london and in see the pictures in the net i mvery very happy and i gone back to my child and school life ,if u have next trip to my lovely villege you can contect to me by email jprawat2005@hotmail.com i can share u my village information
26th April 2010

raiwala is very good palace i like verymuch beacause i am also from raiwala
raiwala is very good palace i like verymuch beacause i am also from raiwala
3rd May 2010

Good colection with attachment... please add more.. iof need help mail me
11th May 2010

Its a great feeling to watch.its all cause of u
30th May 2010

my pleasure
it's good to see my own beautifull village from your beautifull eyes.
5th June 2010

i love raiwala
i live in raiwala i love raiwala
5th June 2010

i love raiwala
i live in raiwala i love raiwala
23rd July 2010

Hi, My Friends and all... Uttrakhand is a very Beautiful state..I like here of farmer lands, hills, river, falls, temples..and very Appreciate here peoples....... OK. Bye ..Jai Uttrakhand, Jai Bharat........Jai Ho.............
9th August 2010

11th October 2010

heaven on earth
I am basicaly belong from Raiwala.a lot of thanks to Lemonindi Mariellen word for published my home town in the map of world.and also thank ful those ppls who comment possitivly this site.
19th November 2010

iam from the same village and i know each and everyone in these pics ...........................
19th November 2010

iam from the same village and i know each and everyone in these pics ...........................
27th January 2011

Excelant Picture
I like it very very much.
4th March 2011

its wonderful vilalge
its my born place and i love raiwala village
9th April 2011

incredible raiwala
i am very happy to see the pics of my beautiful village i love raiwala very much thank you everyone who's loved raiwala
27th April 2011

Need Raiwala info
I spent several months in 1994 in India, two weeks of which was in Raiwala, with a local family who invited me to live at their farm. I am returning June 1st, and I would like to look them up. Unfortunately all I remember now is my friend's first name, Giri, and his brother Newton, who was getting married while I was there, and probably still lives at the family farm near the river where I stayed. As you know, Raiwala is a small town, and I am sure many of the people who wrote you who come from there would know who Giri and Newton are. I spent two months with Giri, starting in his guest house in Varanasi, the Shree Murty, and went on the KHUMB at Allahabad with him, and then on to Haradwar, Rishikesh and finally to his home in Raiwala. Anything you can do to help connect me with anyone from Raiwala who might be able to help me get in touch with Giri would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I loved it there, and am glad to hear of our common experience. (and that it evidently has not changed much) Hank
7th May 2011

15th June 2011

its not real photoes it is developed now more thn that
plz updte raiwala pics . it has change a lot
13th September 2011

Saw your pics, very nice i live in Dehradun major city near Raiwala.....
14th October 2011

raiwala peopel are zeal as well as help humen being
4th November 2011

raiwala is nice village .u can sea there person is verry kind and he respact very one .raiwala village is good place to stay there u can get there frash air .cold river water and fresh vegetabls .i like to stay in raiwala .and i invite to all of u came and visit there
19th January 2012

nice pictures of raiwala (b.e.g. camp road) near the Ganga Ji.
23rd February 2012

amazed to see it lol finally some1 posted a blog about raiwala thanks to the blog creater :) :) and the pics are generous really defines raiwala though changed but traditional pics and peoples
23rd February 2012

@ Hank Morgenstern
@Hank Morgenstern ___ i think Mr giri is still there yew can ask for em from the locale people at the aurovalley ashram road at raiwala.....

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