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Asia » India » Uttarakhand January 28th 2016

Nainital is conveniently the most prized possession of Uttarakhand. Located in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas, at about 6000 FT from sea level, it is one of the most famous hill stations in India. Nainital is a valley with an eye-shaped lake & “Naina” is the highest of all the mountains surrounding the lake, hence the name “Nainital”. Inspite of having visited the town several times, spending most of my school summer vacations & several winter vacations there with my family, Nainital never lost its charm for me … always offering something new! Nainital is at an 8 hour drive from Lucknow (my hometown) & about 7 hour drive from Delhi, making it quite a convenient gateway for travelers from these cities. It’s an easy-to-plan trip, ideal for a weekend. There are ... read more

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Rishikesh November 17th 2015

On Friday 6th November I arrived in Rishikesh on the bus from Dehradun. I’d originally planned to stay for just three nights, but I ended up catching the Rishikesh bug and stayed for seven! I’ve quickly found that every part of India that I visit is a completely different India to the previous; making me realise just how massive India is as a whole! Rishikesh is no exception, when I first walked into the main hive of Rishikesh, right by the Ganga River, I felt very overwhelmed and if I’m honest a little intimidated by this new place. Rishikesh is full of hippies, Hindu temples and is the yoga capital of the world! It’s also very interesting that meat and alcohol are banned from Rishikesh, in an aim to promote a healthier, more spiritual lifestyle. I ... read more

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Dehradun November 6th 2015

Just over thirty years ago when my Mum was 18 years old she took an incredibly brave trip to India on her own. Mum had changed her mind about what course she wanted to do at University and decided that she wanted to do nursing instead, but it was too late to apply for that year so she was forced to take a gap year. Deciding that she didn’t want to stay at home but wanted to do something helpful in another country she applied through a Christian missionary society to volunteer for 10 months at Sharp Memorial School for the Blind in Uttarakhand, North India. In the early 80s gap years were not so common and hardly any young foreigners would travel, especially on their own, to places like India. There was no internet and ... read more

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Chamoli June 6th 2015

Roopkund Trek is one of the very popular treks among the Greater Himalayan treks in India. After a long search for company and self confidence to do the trek, I finally got to do it this year. Oh boy was it worth it.... We were four from our office (actually 7 who had initially registered with IndiaHikes and by the time the trek date approached we had become 4) and we reached Delhi on 29th May evening. We still had some time for our bus to Kathgodam and thus, went on a shopping trip to Palika Bazar to get some items we had missed. We wanted to buy a torch and after haggling with the prices and seeing the type of fancy torches available, we decided to skip buying them (Don't ever say ok to a ... read more
On the way to Ghairoli Patal
Neel Ganga
Camp at Ghairoli Patal

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Rishikesh April 4th 2015

Last night we had a strong storm that knocked out the power. According to Natalia (who has been traveling in India for 4 months), this is very common. So for now, I'll be leaving my phone off to save battery. I'll update the blog when the power is back on. The teacher training course begins tomorrow morning, so I will be offline most of the time anyway :) ... read more

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Rishikesh April 3rd 2015

I made it to Parmarth Niketan last night around 8pm. I made it just in time to get checked in and have dinner. I had to take my shoes off and leave them outside of reception, put on some communal flip flops to go to the restroom to wash my hands, and then got in line for dinner. Dinner (rice with yellow sauce, naan, and cooked squash/peppers) was taken in silence and eaten sitting on the floor. I did at least get a spoon to eat with :) After dinner, I was taken to my room across the ashram. It is on the quiet side of the ashram, right under the yoga hall. It's simple, but clean. I unpacked my things, made friends with a huge spider, and debated whether or not the toilet paper would ... read more

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Ranikhet February 7th 2015

The woods are lovely dark and deep….but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep…and miles to go before I sleep!!!!!!!!!! Miles………they lead you to new places…new experiences that make this life an enjoyable journey! And I am one of those travellers ‘who would rather find excuses to explore new places……wherever they can be squeezed in! Such excuse did come and I took full advantage of it……we ( My Wife,Mother and myself) were driving back to Dehradun from Lucknow (My SASURAL) when the mile stones starting showing us distance to Nainital (Close to Bareily)……… I suddenly started having an urge of driving towards the unexplored mountain roads…..towards the pristine surroundings of pine trees and tall trees!!!! A small persuasion with my Mom and wife (who is all game for such sudden ... read more
Woodsvilla resort
View from the Cafe

Asia » India » Uttarakhand December 28th 2014

It has now become quite imperative to me that I like traveling places which are remote, beautiful, stimulating, challenging and are not frequently visited by large number of tourists. The search was on for the travel destination this summer and I was going through many online blogs, travel sites, random websites but was not able to find my preferred destination. After a detailed search I was looking north again towards the majestic Himalayas which never let me down as its pristine beauty, remoteness and tough terrain has so much to offer that you cannot resist going back again and again. Last summer I visited Sikkim and in order to reach its capital Gangtok I had to travel about 35 hrs by train followed by a 4 hours’ drive through the mountains. This year the location which ... read more
Small Lake at Bedini Bugyal
Camp Site at Bedini Bugyal

Asia » India » Uttarakhand December 9th 2014

On the train to Varanasi, December 9, 2014 We stood on a track above a rural village with a steep ridge standing between us and Rishikesh. We were not in a good position. It was an hour's walk back to a temple where were may have been able to get a taxi. We could not see the path over the ridge even though the GPS showed there was one. It was getting late and we only got about 90 minutes of light left. We had set off late having first done a yoga class. It was at this point that our 'Saint Christopher' appeared in the form of a school boy called Sachin. Sachin spoke some English, unlike the women working in the nearby fields, and said he could lead us up the hill to the ... read more
Monkeys by the path up to the temple
How much can you balance on your head?
The Neelkantha Mahadeva temple dedicated to Shiva

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Rishikesh November 12th 2014

When I started planning for this trip in the spring of 2014, the only thing I was looking forward to was Bungee jumping and rafting on the Ganges and maybe spotting a tiger in Jim Corbett! Thus after some planning, my friend and I embarked on a week long holiday to Jim Corbett, Rishikesh and Haridwar. As we were entering Rishikesh by road, the weather was starting to get cloudy and looked like it would start raining any moment, which was definitely not something we were looking forward to after a 5 hour road journey! After checking in at the Divine Ganga Cottage, I decided to check out the view from the terrace and boy was I in for a surprise or what! With the clouds hovering low over the mountains and the river flowing below ... read more
Tera Manzil Temple
The Beatles Ashram!
On the banks of the river next to Beatles ashram.

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