Wandering around a Wonder, namely the Taj Mahal

This journal has been deleted.
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13th February 2014
And the skies cleared!

Fantastic photo
Aren't these moments amazing?
13th February 2014
Taj Mahal

No one can describe the beauty you will see and the feeling that comes over you.
13th February 2014

Pesty touts
I loved your story about running into two guys from the hostel and ignoring them because you thought they were trying to sell you something. That is priceless. Loved the blog and glad you are on the front page now. Keep traveling and be safe.
15th February 2014

Front page?!?!
I’m on the front page!!!! This makes me so happy! Cheers!
23rd June 2014

thanks for posting pictures of the details. I didn't know it had that much details. its just absolutely stunning. now i wanna go!

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