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September 3rd 2006
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Me in TiruvannamalaiMe in TiruvannamalaiMe in Tiruvannamalai

Here's me at askandashram cave, where Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi stayed and meditated for 7 years!
Hi friends and family. I am nearing the end of a fantastic journey through India. I have been from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains to the southern tip of India and a lovely fishing village called Kochi. I have been from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal. I have met alot of people from all over the world, eaten interesting foods I've never eaten and in ways I am not accostumed to. I have seen temple after temple after ancient temple, as well as mosques churches and even the grand daddy, the Taj Mahal. I have learned to know Kripa better through experiencing her country of birth, the country that raised her. I have learned to know myself better through trials with different people and situations and through the mere experience of being alone, in a foreign land for so many months now. I just wanted to share some pictures with you of the final weeks of my journey. I admit, in the end, taking pictures was getting old so I don't have as many as you may like. I also admit, that writing an article about every little experience and in every town and village I visited
Fishing boat in KochiFishing boat in KochiFishing boat in Kochi

Kochi is at the south western tip od India. It's beatutiful there and I met a few very nice people.
would have been difficult. So, you'll just have to view the pictures, and I'll tell you the stories in person, if you are at all intested when I see you. Thanks for joining in on this ride with me. Having this travel blog was a little like having a friend out here. Hope to see you all soon.

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Kids in PondicherryKids in Pondicherry
Kids in Pondicherry

These two kids asked to have their photo taken. I gave them five rupees a piece.
Indian stylesIndian styles
Indian styles

Her's a shot of a woman in a beautiful sari, and a man in a lungi. What a contrast!
More Indian stylesMore Indian styles
More Indian styles

I'm just fascinated with the "lungi". It looks like a kitchen towel or a sheet to me, but men wear it to work, to play, short, long etc. You'll see . . . .
Full length lungiFull length lungi
Full length lungi

This guy wears his lungi full length. He was beggin' to have his photo taken. I could tell by the kisses he was blowing me.
Short, brightly colored lungiShort, brightly colored lungi
Short, brightly colored lungi

Most men wear their lungi with a nice botton-down, collared shirt and head to work.
Backwater cruise in KochiBackwater cruise in Kochi
Backwater cruise in Kochi

Another great thing about my time Kochi was the backwater tour. Unfortunately, the camera's baterry dies after this photo.
Sunrise over PondicherrySunrise over Pondicherry
Sunrise over Pondicherry

I learned that the best time to enjoy Ponicherry was at sunrise and sunset. Need I say more.

4th September 2006

Better late....
I can't believe so much time has passed. What a wonderful journey. Hope to hear more. Safe travels back. Louise
4th September 2006

phenomenal, inspiring, amazing
hey, heather and kripa, thank you for sharing your journey of geography, spirit, soul, and human kindness - while i didn't get onto the blog as much as i would have liked, each time i did and read back thru all the interim entries, well, it is hard to put into words. your experiences together and as individuals are ones in which very few have the opportunity, and yet, in which most in the world should. the essense of soul, humanity, human resilience and spirt, adventure, and so much more that will lend to such an appreciation for life, love, and the bond that we should all share -- be it with human or animal (like that cute little puppy) -- heather, you'd make an amazing teacher. then again, as you know, i've always felt you would make an amazing "anything you chose to do."... i have some friends who did teach for america and got their teaching certificates by working in some really "need the spirit of a person like heather" places, where no doubt you'd inspire children to realize they can be more than where they are right now.... Proverbs says, "The path of the righteous gets brighter and brighter and brighter."... i have no doubt that, wherever you and kripa go, the path behind and the path ahead will be a lot brighter for all those who travel with and behind you. please keep in touch and let me know where you land.. I heard some really good rumors for the philadelphia area, but we could only be so lucky! be well, Amy
4th September 2006

Fabulous Photos
Wow Heather! Love the Photos...Can't wait until your home. I look forward to all the stories about your trip...Tami
7th September 2006

Life changing experiences
Thanks for writing down and sharing as much as you did - you can read a lot about the world and different places but nothing is the same as seeing through the eyes of a friend. Can't wait to see you again and hear some of your stories in person. Safe travels - love to both you and Kripa - take care!!! Heather A (p.s. go BIRDS)
7th September 2006

Heather...so sorry I haven't commemted before, but I have been checking in from time to time. Life has taken over once again and time has slipped on by. It sounds and looks like you have been having such an amazing time. A little more interesting than Swaziland, huh! I'm so happy for you. And can't wait to hear from you when you get back. Same #. Much Luv...Rachel

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