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October 18th 2009
Published: October 18th 2009
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hello people of england, how are you all? good i hope.

well well well, weve just got back from kodaikanal, which was a 12 hour bus journey from pondicherry in a semi-sleeper. surprisingly very very comfortable!! better than the mega bus. we went with two other american volunteers from sadhana which was fun, although we stayed in a tiny run down guest house which was exacty what i imagiened a drug den to look like. the roof was leaky and i got dripped on every night, the dogs lurked in the outdoor toilet and you didnt see them until the least convenient moment. it was pretty cold up in the mountains, but so very beautiful...it reminded my of wales!! it was coolish, but i still managed to get slightly sunburned due to how strong the sun was...eek! sorry mum!! also, just a note, i do not have malaria!! i had a headache due to lack of water, but i am good now. still feeling pretty ill though, sick tired etc.

should be staying here at sadhana for another week or so then i will be going on to mysore to meet another volunteer than we met last week.im going for another dip in the mud pool in 10 mins or so, we had a major mud fight last week, which involved finding mud in my ears for days to follow. the toothpaste here is disgusting..its tooth powder and it tastes like mould...so as soon as we got out of the forest i went crazy for using tooth past. REAL TOOTH PASTE!!!

also, i am currently addicted to peanut butter. o, and i really miss my cats. even drooly cat, o and flushing toilets., and cool breazes! and eggs. and cheese. looking at facebook photos it looks like you are all having an amazing time!! and i look forward to being updated with YOUR crazy adventures. its lauras birthday in a month...we are planning to be in a nice part of goa (non touristy) for it. we will try and stay in a relativley nice hostel...maybe even with a working shower!! crikey!!

anyway, i have cunning plans and clever tricks to make your christmas magical. i have carefully selected a special tiger for you all. and for those of you that i dont like that much, youll probably just get a gekko.

anyway, i must go. love to you all.



19th October 2009

Nice post
Small details are the best :)

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