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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodai February 12th 2013

Who we are: Sajid C U, Mukesh N S, Ali Akber, Libin, Gokul Riding : Two Yamaha FZ 16's & a Yamaha YZF R15 The Route: Cochin-Pollachi-Pallani-Kodaikanal-Cumbam-Theni-Munnar-Cochin Distance : 600 First of all I like to introduce ourselves, we are all engineers passed out from the same college (SCMS,Cochin) last year. I mean engineers of the same wavelengths despite the trades we had taken for specialization, we include Automobilians, a Mech'ie & a Computerian. We all hail from Cochin. Actually this aint our first trip we had done together, infact we had loads of these when we were undergoing our studies. But don’t know why i got a feeling to share this experience here. It was a bright sunny morning around 10:00am we set are minds & told are rides "KODAIKANAL". We fueled our tanks, geared ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodai October 12th 2011

Kodaikkanal 10th -12th October Stopped off at Dingidul to look at another Rock Fort then on up into the mountains to Kodai. Had a 34 km climb up through a sort of rainforest to get there. After 5 minutes the heavens opened and it poured with rain all the way up a very windy, not to say dangerous, road (which we have to go back down). David had been saying all along that it would be cold up here. I was hoping for just cool. Well it is very cool and damp..... no WET!!.We won't bother buying warm clothes, it isn't that bad and what we have we can layer but the Indians are buying beany hats and ear warmers and putting babies in balaclavas lol !!!! Bet it is really beautiful here when the ... read more
Dindigul Fort
Ann at Dindigul
Another beauty

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodai March 23rd 2010

Back to the hill stations Just past Kodaikanal (where we stayed before at the Youth Hostel), is a little village known as Vatta, almost undiscovered, and stunningly beautiful. We found a fabulous village house nestled amongst the apple orchards, complete with kitchen, fireplace and awesome views. GP quickly became our inhouse chef, using cheap local produce to create an array of delicious, nutritious meals, as well as mastering the art of Masala Chai ( milky, spicy tea...yummy). From our little home we were able to go for long hilly walks , meeting cows, monkeys (see photos), and friendly locals along the way. We did also treat ourselves to trips into town for Tibetan momos, and homemade chocolates. Most evenings were spent in front of the fire playing round after round of very competitive Rummy..... a welcome ... read more
Gp and Liff at Greenlands Youth Hostel
View From Vatta
Hard Life!

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodai March 5th 2010

Hill Station Two more buses and more than a hint of travel sickness, and we arrive at another hill station. So much cooler and fresher up in the hills... Apple orchards and Gum trees replace the now familiar Tea. Rejecting noisy hotels in town, we found what felt like an old cow shed perched at the top of the hill...the views were absolutely breathtaking, and almost all to ourselves. Guy was awake at sunset everyday taking in the mountains. In the mornings the clouds covered the valleys so we were above them looking onto carpets of clouds, Kodaikanal, highly recommended. Here we were able to go exploring, taking very long walks around the hills. We found playful Monkeys, moody Bison, and many many panoramic views. Cheecky monkeys all over following you, never trust a monkey. ... read more
There she comes
Eagle from our balcony
Thats our room, converted cattle shed

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodai February 18th 2010

"Excuse me Sir. Please step aside" barked a stern looking man in a pressed brown uniform. It was a cool but piercingly bright morning, the air filled with birdsongs, when I was stopped and questioned by the police. I had arrived in Kodaikanal, a hill station perched at 8000 feet, the night before and was out taking a morning walk to explore the town. "Where are you walking, sir?" "Why do you take this road?" the officer continued, in a tone that suggested he was a man to take seriously. I paused. I wasn't really heading to any particular destination - I was just out exploring the town and had not expected to have any problems. I calmly told this to the officer and his tone lightened slightly. He immediately proceeded to ask the obligatory "Where ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodai January 31st 2010

This weekend we went on a trip to a national park called Kodaikanal. Its quite high up in the mountains so it got really really cold at night and i had to get up every hour or so and put on more clothes. We went on amazing 3 hour trek where we saw some really good views and waterfalls as well so i took lots of pics. One of the teachers gave me a list of the best things to see and the first place was called "suicide point"!! which is apparently the main attraction of the whole national park. It was a bit dissapointing when we got there as it was just a normal cliff with a coffee shop on top but the guide said over a hundred people had jumped from there. Another supposed ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodai November 5th 2009

As usual, when traveling in India, waking up at the crack of dawn to beat the city traffic is a must. Early (very early) Wednesday morning, we joined our friends Kashmira and Dadi for a much needed getaway trip to Pondicherry and Kodaikanal. Kodaikanal is one of those honeymoon-destination type places in India so I was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about. It was set up in 1901 by an American (the only hill station in India to be built by an American) as a retreat from the heat of the nearby towns. After leaving Chennai, we stopped for a day in Pondicherry to enjoy the fabulous Western food :) then on to Kodai. The winding roads through the mist-covered mountains were beautiful. This time of the year is off-season (because of the ... read more
This car is so tiny!
Le Cafe in Pondicherry
unloading bananas

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodai October 18th 2009

hello people of england, how are you all? good i hope. well well well, weve just got back from kodaikanal, which was a 12 hour bus journey from pondicherry in a semi-sleeper. surprisingly very very comfortable!! better than the mega bus. we went with two other american volunteers from sadhana which was fun, although we stayed in a tiny run down guest house which was exacty what i imagiened a drug den to look like. the roof was leaky and i got dripped on every night, the dogs lurked in the outdoor toilet and you didnt see them until the least convenient moment. it was pretty cold up in the mountains, but so very reminded my of wales!! it was coolish, but i still managed to get slightly sunburned due to how strong the sun ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodai September 6th 2009

This is a hippie trip and this is a blog written in true hippie style…on my mobile. Forgive me for not rambling this time in my blog because I get all nauseous and stuff when I continue typing while the bus goes around in circles on the hills. I will keep this one more direct at the expense of being tad boring. Guys and gals the big change this time around is that I am trying to convert my wife (who is blissfully ignorant of my travelling ways) So we land up at the Trichy station at 5 in the morning with a faint idea that we need to explore trichy and thanjavur before moving towards madurai. With the rules of quickest,economical and practical (QEP rule)to guide me I landed up at the 'upper class' waiting ... read more
The bridge over the sea
Gujarati notice
Enjoying the view

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodai June 17th 2009

Kodai is the spot we visited more than thrice and never boring. It is an over night journey from Chennai to Kodai road and then by bus from this spot for 3 hours. This was a sudden trip planned. It was for 4 days after the board exams of my daughter we all wanted a break as though we also wrote the exams ! Indeed the pressure was to that extent. We took the overnight train to Kodai road and reached early morning the Kodai road station. We hired a cab from here to the hills. We did stop over for a coffee break in between. The road to the hill top is good and the weather fantastic. It was peak summer in the plains and the cool weather was a great relief to all of ... read more
Bryant park
Bryant park
Flowers  at the park

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