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January 21st 2013
Published: January 27th 2013
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First I am so relieved that we've been given another day to edit! But I can feel the stress starting to set in with everyone. It is so so hard to cut at this point, tensions are running a little higher than usual, and we're all feeling it. Pradeep and Teja (producer) have been so kind and respectful, just popping in once in a while to say hi, Raj and Shweta have been dedicated, especially Shweta! What patience! I get frustrated with Umila at times because she hangs out with all the different groups and people, and just comes back and says, "Why did you cut the sound and put space? That is so weird. So she's just going to talk and then stop? It won't sound good." And it is frustrating to try to explain basics like that when we're on a time crunch. I hope I'm being nice but I know my annoyance comes out sometimes.

But like I said, we have one more day. We stayed til 9, so literally a 12 hour day. I am so into it, and people keep saying, just have fun, enjoy yourself, you can do films anytime, but when will you be in India again, with these people? Either I am a prude or anti-social or something, but I really want to work hard on this project. I feel like every project I've done before never reflects what I was trying to do, and part of wanting to go on this trip was to build up my confidence about filmmaking again, because I felt that my last film was so crappy that I didn't want to continue trying to make documentaries. I need to work hard so that I know if I really just am not good enough to do this.


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