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January 20th 2013
Published: January 27th 2013
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My question is, how will we finish this by the end of tomorrow? It is not possible. I really like having a group for the purpose of working through ideas, and having sounding boards, but it takes so much longer to edit! I feel it will be worth it in the end,but if it was me alone, I would watch things again and again and again, and Shweta needs only to watch things once. Then she wants an answer about which clip to use. Really? How does she store all that info. Add to this the fact that my dear Raj came super late and then left super early to work on "The Making Of" credit animation, so I didn't feel like I could make decisions without checking with him. Our film was an hour last night, and tonight it got down to half an hour, so it's an improvement.

We went to a restaurant nearby for dinner, and I let the Indians order my food. I don't think there is anything I have eaten here that I haven't liked.


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