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January 22nd 2013
Published: January 27th 2013
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We are finished. Except I think we have to fix something with the credits, but we are done. We met at 8:30 this morning, and worked til maybe 7. Shweta had to leave at 6 because she had a show. She is a professional whistler and a singer. It was so painful today to cut more. I thought it was hard yesterday. We adopted a method, between Raj and myself, that when we disagreed, when one of us left the room, the other one directed Shweta to make the changes that we wanted. And if the other person didn't notice when they came back, those changes stayed. We knew more needed to be cut, it was just so hard to do it. I think this could be a slightly longer film. But directors always think so.

Did I mention the most wonderful music composed for our film in FIVE MINUTES by the brilliant young Hanees? He is such a joy to be around, and talented, only 18 years old. And such good timing. The guy who was supposed to compose for us had gotten so drunk that he was hung over all day and didn't come to school. So Hanees composed this, and a guitar guy just walked in the room and Hanees grabbed him, had him play it twice, recorded it, and that was it!

After Shweta left, we got a new editor for a bit, Manu. He is the only person I've had a bit of a hard time connecting with. I didn't like the titles he was making. They were too small and just popped up from nowhere. They felt disorganized. I said so. He said they were good. I asked if he always did it that way, he said yes. I said, may I just ask, what if we do something else. He said no. I left the room for a bit.

I thought it was an ego thing on my part. I am the director, blah blah, I want to do what I want. But when I was as objective as I could possibly be, the titles he made looked bad. Raj agreed, but Manu overrode him too. Finally, Manu just left. We were left to edit on our own, and though I felt bad, the first thing we did was change all the titles to a lower thirds type that were visible on all the backgrounds.

Tomorrow we screen! Jayshree is coming!


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