The Intoxicating Colors of India Keep Bringing Us Back

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January 26th 2019
Published: February 1st 2019
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We often get asked what is so special about India and what we love about India. I want to respond, ”You really want to know? How much time do you have?”

There are many things that pull us back time and time again. There is the most obvious...CAMELS! Lots and lots of camels. Camel fairs. Camel milk. Camel pageantry. Camel caravans. Baby camels. You get the point.

But there are also those other niceties that make a location especially appealing like great food, a welcoming climate, exhilarating events and dream-like accomodations. India offers all of these and more. There is no skimping on hospitality or elegance and we would be hard pressed to recall a time when we had a bad meal in India. Whether we are seeking desert, beaches or tropics, India delivers.

Then there is that feel of being somewhere exotic, somewhere that is nothing like home. From the smells to the sounds to the culture, everything feels new or different. That transformative feeling that comes when you step off the plane in India is exceptionally appealing to me.

With all these reasons, it is hard to
pinpoint that one factor that has historically moved India to the top of our trip list so many times.

In a weird way, I think one of the most interesting reasons we tend to gravitate toward India... color. India is colorful. India is bright. India has a way of lifting your mood and I think the colors are the means to this end.

India offers energy and fervor that is expressed through the saturation, hue and pigment of all that makes up this gigantic country. The frenetic pace of India seems amplified or maybe driven by the constant supply of color.

Everything in India is colorful. The fashion, the food, the homes, the vehicles, even the animals are colorful. The holidays are colorful and so are the ceremonies. The weddings and all the pageantry that comes along with wedding season are overwhelmingly colorful.

There are flowers and handpainted artistic touches everywhere. All surfaces are fair game to be painted, personalized or decorated. The fabrics are awash with bright, bold, rich colors and often punctuated with dazzling embellishments that highlight the liveliness.

Nothing is muted in
India. Nothing is drab or dull. Everything has a colorful energy to it and swirls with vibrancy.

This intoxicating allure of the colors keep us wanting more maybe because they inevitably lift my mood, maybe because they are such a contrast to our every day or maybe just because they make everything so darn beautiful.

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2nd February 2019

Colors lift your mood
We agree that India has much to offer.
4th February 2019

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