Pushkar: A Reunion of Friends Old & New

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November 24th 2018
Published: November 25th 2018
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Pushkar has always been a fun destination for us. It is like a magnet that keeps drawing us back. There is more color, flavor and chaos than you can imagine. We enjoy the animals, the energy, the food and this year we particularly enjoyed our time with dear friends.

Pushkar became a culmination of old friends and new friends coming together in the most unpredictable ways. Like a tossed salad of personalities, it just worked deliciously well.

Camels and travel brought us all together while Camp Bliss acted as our festive hub.

There was our friend from New York who we knew from previous India trips.

There were the photographers who we just met and became instant friends through laughs and shared experiences.

There were the Australians who I met in Mongolia. And the Australians that were introduced to us by the Australians from the Mongolia trip.

There were the friends who were missing but their presence so powerful we figuratively and literally set a place for them at our meals. There were the promises that some of them would surely be there next time.

There were the camel activists we knew from other Pushkar trips and the camel activists we now feel like we have known forever.

There were the people we had never met in person, but know through social media. Those friendships were finally punctuated with eye to eye contact and shared laughs.

There were the Americans I accidentally met in the States, but seem to be repeatedly and happily crossing paths.

There were the people that we just met, but feel like we will certainly see again.

All of these random people came together in the most random ways and yet none of it felt random at all. I suppose this proves that travel not only makes us rich with experiences, it also makes us rich with friendships.

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