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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Ranakpur July 17th 2017

What comes to your mind when you think of Rajasthan? Thar Desert. Hot temperatures. No water. Formidable forts and palaces.Well, hold your horses! During one of our trips to Udaipur, we decided to drive to Ranakpur. Approximately 94km from the land of lakes, Ranakpur is unlike any of our assumptions. Rajasthan is also famous for its Jain temples. We have read about the Dilwara temples. But I can tell you, this is a beauty. The road throughout the journey was a single lane where two-way traffic adjusted themselves. It was June and the monsoon was setting in. The stretch was lined with little villages with no banks, post-offices or a gas station. The houses in these villages were made of stones stacked together (Yes, the stones were so flat, they could be stacked to build a ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer July 13th 2017

Travel is a celebration which bestows new shines in old you and your relations Let me take you to the land of colors, Jaisalmer which is situated in the state of Rajasthan in India. We went there to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. It is well connected with Delhi. Therefore, we took a direct train from Delhi to Jaisalmer. As it is an exotic travel destination. So, one can easily reach there. The time which I spent here was a treat of some best moments with some best people of my life. When I put down my first foot, I was totally mesmerized with the Colorful attire, this city was wearing. It seemed like I was walking on a golden ground. Locals were scintillating in their traditional way of wearing clothes. The blue was the sky ... read more
A perfect Click
Traditional Attires
Women Sellers on the Streets

Asia » India » Rajasthan June 23rd 2017

Our second week in India led us to the golden city of Jaislamer, deep in the Thar desert. We have reached rural India and although it has taken a long time, Mau has finally stopped asking for cappuccinos and WiFi! The city is overlooked by the impressive Sonar Fort. As distinct from the other forts we have visited, the Sonar Fort is a living fort and still houses many restaurants, shops, stalls, hotels and cows. Cows can be found pretty much anywhere in India. Except fields. We also visited some of the city's famous havelis (mansions). Not a patch on Castlekeale or Cooleycasey! Venturing deeper into the desert, we climbed aboard two camels (rather ungracefully) and roamed the sand dunes before stopping to enjoy an Indian sunset.That night we stayed in a guesthouse in the desert ... read more
Did we pack the dehorner??!!
"I hope my indicators are working"
Camel photobomb

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bikaner June 20th 2017

Namaste from India! Home to 1.2 billion people and currently experiencing temperatures of 40+ degrees! We had read before arriving that you don't come to India for a holiday; you come to experience it. And one week in to our two week adventure here, we would have to agree although we are hoping to avoid experiencing the infamous Delhi Belly! Driving here is insane and anyone taking to the streets are known as the Triple D's - Delhi Dare Devils! Drivers have one hand on the horn at all times. The rules of the road appear optional. Indicators - what are they for? Roundabouts - if we're taking the last exit, why go the whole way around when you can just turn right? Dual carriageways - one way traffic? Think again. Cows. Dogs. Goats. Bikes. Rickshaws. ... read more
India Gate
Brad Pitt himself
Delhi temples and monuments

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur May 19th 2017

One of the main reasons for visiting India, was to visit our good friend Viney. He comes to the hotel and insists we stay in his home. In a few days time he has arranged for us to fly an hour to Udaipur which is a much smaller city with a population of 450,000 and known as the Venice of the East. Our taxi winds through the narrow streets by century old bazaars so we can stop and visit a textile shop. Stacks of rugs made from antique fabrics and woven wire line the shelves. The floors are littered with baskets of overflowing trims. Through Viney we have been settled in the Trident Hotel that is fit for a king; marble floors, expansive manicured land with peacocks, and incredible staff, one who even brought me a ... read more
Viney & Cathy at home in Guruon
Down by the pool
My good friend Harkesh

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur April 19th 2017

India is one of the countries that keeps calling me back. No matter how many times I have visited it, I don't mind going back. When I saw a direct flight add connecting Singapore to Jaipur direct by Scoot Airlines, I was determined to go. I had wanted to go to Udaipur and Jodhpur but didn't mind going back to Jaipur. As soon as my sister and cousins smelled my plans, they had invited themselves to tag along and added Agra to the itinerary. It was impossible to cover those cities in five and half nights said the first car rental company that I contacted, but the second one agreed. Off we went, arriving at Jaipur slightly after midnight where our driver, Mr Mool was waiting for us. Thankfully, he had a 10 seater Tempo Traveller ... read more
Blue City of Jodphur
Blue City
Jal Mahal

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer March 27th 2017

Geo: 26.9118, 70.9127 Those last three weeks in India were a whirlwind; we travelled to more places, cities in particular, than we normally would in this short space of time. Indeed, it was too much, too fast for us aging travellers. To make it a little easier on us, we hired a car a couple of times so, with door to door delivery, it reduced some of the wear and tear on us. From Udaipur we visited Kumbhalagarh Fort and Ranakpur, the Jain temple with its stunning artistry including 1444 marble pillars - none of which are the same. Both of these remote sites are stunning sights. There are so many forts, palaces and temples in this state that they eventually lost their magic for us. By the time we visited the Amber Fort at our ... read more
Musical family
Camel trek - Jaisalmer desert
Jaisalmer Fort

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur March 15th 2017

Wednesday was yet another glorious sunny day. I love this weather and I'm definitely not looking forward to returning to potentially grey skies and rain in England in just a days’ time. Making the most of the hours left, I started preparing my luggage for the journey home, then went back to the optician with Rajshri's younger brother Monty to collect my smart new specs. Monty had been such a great help to me during my stay, available at a moment's notice whenever I needed assistance and acting as interpreter and driver with such warmth and friendship. In the afternoon, I was collected by my other former Facebook friends Girdhar and his son Yashoraj, both very keen photographers and wildlife lovers whom I'd met on my visit to Jaipur in 2016. Today was to be another ... read more
Jhalana Forest
The shy male leopard
Tea time in Jhalana Forest

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur March 14th 2017

The effects of Monday afternoon's excesses lulled me to sleep on the mattress from hell. I awoke on Tuesday in time to meet Manish again at the Jorawar Singh Gate on the far side of the old Pink City shortly after 7.30a.m. Kindly, knowing I wouldn't have had time for breakfast at my hotel, he took me on his motorbike to his home a few minutes away. His wife Krishna had prepared masala chai (the sweet, spiced tea found throughout India), together with what they usually had for breakfast at this time of year. There on a tray were hot, golden-brown Moong Dhal Halva (a filling sweet dish made from split green chickpea paste simmered gently for a long time in clarified butter - ghee), some yummy Petha (little cigar-shaped sweet biscuits made from the ash ... read more
Manish on the transmission tower
Shri Krishna Charan Mandir
Manish in 'the jungle'

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur March 14th 2017

Geo: 24.5823, 73.6882We had another rough entry into India...remember our lost luggage back in December? It was a marathon trip from Phuket to Udaipur - 45 hours of travel. Why? We bought discount tickets resulting in a trip spanning 19 hours with 4 different flights. Then we were delayed on the 3rd flight so missed a connection and had to wait 24 hours until the same flight the next day. After a night in a scuzzy New Delhi hotel, we were exhausted once we finally arrived in Udaipur. My Post Concussion Syndrome symptoms were flared up with my head buzzing like a radioactive ball. The only thing that fixes it is rest and I shouldn't have read but intermittent reading was my emotional cure. There is nothing better than escaping into a good book (The Nightingale ... read more
Even the elephant was in on it
Lots of love going around
Time to wash down

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