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March 10th 2019
Published: March 10th 2019
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They certainly don’t enforce clean air rules here,!
Hi everyone, this morning was a resting time for my poor tummy.yes.....even though I have been meticulous with hygiene and avoiding dodgy food, Delhi took up residence in my belly 🙄For a short while there was a minor panic on my part as Imodium supplies were running dangerously short . Luckily Pat found a little pharmacy down the road and we cleared them out of the required medication 🤗

After a lovely breakfast of dry toast and banana ,we relaxed on our pretty balcony in the increasingly hot sun.I was able to watch an art group painting a portrait each ,of one of the male staff in his turban. I couldn’t resist a close up look at the artwork,some of the artists were really very accomplished.The group were from Canada and remarking on the fact that at home the temperature they had left had been -29’ and in India our thermometer was likely to read +29’ by the afternoon . Well it did,and it was because of this that we only ventured out to the local market for a couple of hours.Jodphur is probably our favourite destination so far. Yesterday’s tour was amazing and the market here is authentic

Passers by looked baffled as Pat took this photo
but just a little easier to go around.People here still try to encourage you to buy ,but they do take no for an answer.Pat went up the clock tower whilst I people watched.We went into a sort of clothing store which Pat had sold to me as India’s “Top Shop.”Ha Ha, you had to be a local to see how to look at ,and buy the shop items.Everything was packed into shallow boxes with the item description on the side. I have no idea what was in any of the boxes . Before we got caught having someone empty each and every one of the thousands of boxes ,we made a quick exit.

When our driver picked us up ,he persuaded Pat to have a cup of Chi from a local but according to our driver the best chi stall in Jodphur.It was fascinating .The shop hours are 4 am to 8/9 pm apparently .They are constantly busy throughout the day.some people had their chi served in a small paper cup ,whilst those in a hurry who didn’t want to waste a cup had theirs poured directly into a plastic bag, it keeps hotter that way .With the

Man who looks after the clock
top tied tightly they walked away ,with what reminded me of a child with a goldfish they had won at the fair. Hopefully we have both got over our little medical problem as it is off to Deogath tom on a 3-4 hour journey .Wish us luck 😬speak again tom ,I hope. Jane

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Market veg. Notice the carrots are red not orange

Huge cow sits wherever she wants to

A different description of tea bags!

This boy started talking to me I took his pic because I thought he wanted me to but maybe he thought he was doing me a favour. 🤔

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