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March 9th 2019
Published: March 9th 2019
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Jaswant Thada palace memorial.
RrHi everyone, today has been a very interesting day. We went on a tour of Mehrangarh Fort. Within this area was the most beautiful palace. As we came out to look at the views we were persuaded to have a free 5 min yoga lesson. Pat couldn’t wait 🙄I found it very relaxing but Pat thought it was a load of old rubbish and nearly left 1/2 way through. That would have been so embarrassing. Our guide was hilarious and after we took a photo of an elderly man smoking what may have been opium our guide got some crystallised opium for Pat to taste it’s supposed to help with pain relief and as an aphrodisiac among other things! Moving on.....the views of the Blue city are quite breathtaking. The fort itself houses a museum. There are royal cradles,costumes and exquisite miniature paintings. Some of the art painted with a single hair brush. Astounding. Pat did have one bit of good luck,a bird sent him a message as he was looking up and it landed on his glasses and cheek lol. I wanted to take some photos of the children. They are so funny,the parents are delighted if you pick their child and the children seem to love posing for the camera. After the photo they shake your hand. It’s so sweet. The little girl in yellow followed me after her photo and I thought she wanted money but her family just wanted a photo with me. They were so excited ,it was really funny. Going back to the Fort, the Maharaga had 36 wives and 90 girlfriends by all accounts but no children. Seems like he may have had a problem 😬next we went to the colourful Sadat market place which was lovely. Much more authentic than any others we have been to. We plan to return briefly tom as our guide thought he knew what I was looking for and we ended up again in some sort of textile factory shop. The workmanship of the bedspreads and throws was outstanding A single bedspread with hand embroidery of the most exquisite nature and which took one lady around 3 months to sew cost between £30-80 depending on the difficulty of the design. I wish I needed one. I spent a whole £2 on six little printing blocks. I don’t think the shop owner was impressed but hey I didn’t ask to be taken there. Anyway speak again tom, jane

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Overlooking the Blue city of Jodhpur.

Inside the fort disco room😃

The women worship this god to pray for the long life of their husband

Maharaga Takhat Singh who had no children

The man smoking who knows what!

Young boy posing for a photo

Pat with a good luck message😂

The family who wanted to join in !

Three cute little children

String and rope market shop

Colourfulpeople and goods in the market

Shop selling lemon flavoured lassi drink

9th March 2019

Love the updates!
Looks like you’re having a really amazing time! Keep the blogs and photos coming, we love finding out what you’re up to 😊
9th March 2019

Printing blocks
Hi Jane - enjoying your daily blogs! If you have a chance could you pick up some printing blocks for me? Don’t mind at all what designs but maybe not too big. Many thanks and carry on sending the photos! C xx

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