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December 9th 2011
Published: December 11th 2011
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Friday was a casual day, just hung about at Manju Ka Tila. Felt fatigue from jet lag or time zone disparity (being 12.5 hours ahead of my system), so I took a nap then wondered about. The Tibetan settlement colony is back off the road, and isolated somewhat from the noise. Vehicle honking though is ubiquitous. They love their horns here. The skill of driving here is very impressive. I mean they d... Read Full Entry

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After schoolAfter school
After school

Tibetan girls come home after Indian school.
Main SquareMain Square
Main Square

another shot
Indian Telephone RepairmenIndian Telephone Repairmen
Indian Telephone Repairmen

Indian crack telecom repair squad diligently keeping me connected (or not, the next day there was no terrestrial internet). Makes one ALMOST second guess criticizing one's local telecom repair union repair men and women, until we realize they're grossly overpaid. I say that as a telecom insider.
More of our telecom repair squadMore of our telecom repair squad
More of our telecom repair squad

Love the vehicle. They must've been subcontractors as is common in US non-union cable companies and the like. Safety was NOT a factor or consideration as even with pedestrians nearby, these crack electricians were throwing down chunks of thick cable and TOOLS from the roof. Tort law must not exist here.
Newly arrived from TibetNewly arrived from Tibet
Newly arrived from Tibet

A new rural Tibetan immigrant just arriving in exile from Tibet. Nice young man, very warm and he seemed happy to be here.

An Indian garbed Tibetan woman enters the Nyingmpa gompa hall.
Butter lampsButter lamps
Butter lamps

on the terrace into the Nyingma gompa
** COFFEE !!! **** COFFEE !!! **
** COFFEE !!! **

I was fully prepared to give up access to coffee here and go with tea for my caffeine delivery system. This was a cafe americano at the other cafe in the building, the one not run by the hotel. It was fantastic! It's my usual daily coffee drink of choice at home, a double espresso stretched with steamed water. This one was perfect, as good if not better rivaling any American americano I've had. The coffee was particularly good, light, nutty. The young Tibetan baristas didn't know where it was sourced from, saying the owners merely provide it, but it's not labeled. So I don't know if it's Indian sourced (from the south) or imported. I was reading in a Spice airlines (domestic carrier here) in-flight magazine that coffee consumption was historically limited to the southern states, but lately there's been a boom in consumption in the north, and increase in the south. So with this increased consumption along with China's, this contributes to the coffee price increases in the US.
Cafe #2Cafe #2
Cafe #2

Interior of other cafe is just as nice and comfortable as the hotels.
Do as I doDo as I do
Do as I do

Brothers-in-robes doing as I.
"Did you know 15 minutes could save you 15% or more...""Did you know 15 minutes could save you 15% or more..."
"Did you know 15 minutes could save you 15% or more..."

I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye. At first, I thought "oh know, some giant bug or rodent." It was a lizard who matched the wall! He was cute, and fast. I was lucky to catch this shot as he scurried into behind the wall mounted light.

17th December 2011

Ga-Kylil Dharamshala
I read your comments against the photo. The word 'Dharam shala' means Spiritual Dwelling or a Pilgrim Inn or a rest house. I have had a wonderful visit to Mcleod Ganj in September - loved the peace and friendly tibetan culture. Hope to visit soon and spend time volunteering. Safe Travels and Best Wishes.
14th April 2012

Thank you.
Thank you for your comment on my Travelblogue site, and for telling me what Dharam shall means, it's beautiful and appropriate. I love it here, and consider myself fortunate to live here.

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