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November 3rd 2014
Published: November 3rd 2014
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This is going to be a short one, as the title suggests, I only stopped one night.

Mumbai is basically fucking London's buildings with Indian roads Inbetween, not really too much to do either apart from sit in coffee shops, if I wanted to sit in a western coffee shop in a western city I'd still be at home! Fuck Mumbai. Not only this, but nowhere has wifi! For a city so western it's ridiculous that you can't get wifi! The fuck.

I stop in the red salvation hostel, dorm room 350rs, welcome to Mumbai.
The hostel is near the Taj Mahal hotel where the 2008 Mumbai attacks were, and a restaurant nearby "Leopolds" is also where people got shot, I'm staying away from there, apparently they sell the fact that there are bullet holes there and stuff, pretty fucked up.

You can also do a tour of some sort into the slums, I'm sorry, but who the fuck is paying to go on a tour into the slums! No thanks, It's very wrong to be paying to go and oggle people because they're poor, a very snobby thing to do.

I go for a wonder to the beach area, the water is disgusting, like most water in India, so I'm not going for a swim, and it's gone dark by this point.
You can see the Bollywood version of Beverly Hills, I go for a walk round there and can't really see any fuck off houses...whatever.

Second day I literally just sat around playing football manager in the hotel waiting for my 11pm train to Goa, that's how boring Mumbai was!
Despite the rumours of food being expensive in Mumbai, I was surprised, cheap food and probably some of the best I've had so far!
Still chasing something spicy enough to blow my fucking mind though!
They must think because I'm white I can't take spice, even when I ask for Indian spice! The search goes on!

Off to Goa! A week of partying all day, sinning all night


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