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November 2nd 2012
Published: November 2nd 2012
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The obvious poverty in Mumbai is an eye opener to say the least. To see a man laying half dead in the street while everyone passes him by and an elderdely woman lying helpless in the street is hard to consume as is seeing kids shooting up at the side of the road and children no older than 4 or 5 out at night time begging for money when they should be safe in a place we call home . . . In contrast there is a new Mumbai emerging out of the old that is establishing the Cafe culture and the economy is vast growing and emerging with western society. If this is a good thing or not is something of a debate! which we had with a local Indian business man who was pro franchise, McDonalds!

You cannot help but get caught up in the energy of Mumbai with it's sights, smells and interesting people. It is like a city that has been built and almost forgotten about but has a life of it's own that keeps going and seems to be moving forward. The poverty line still remains and as like many other cities in the world people with no money come here to make a better life from the tourism trade.

Jess and me have had an amazing experience in Mumbai and it will be somewhere that stays with us forever as a part of this trip. I think if you came here you would leave taking something with you that would stick with you forever too . . . 😊

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