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October 11th 2011
Published: October 21st 2011
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Another early arrival. We dropped our bags at a little spot recommended by the very nice Keralan couple at Ayur Arogyam, a fabulous - but pricey - ayurvedic massage place recommended by everyone. The hotel was only a spot to rest our heads and not particularly recommended, although staff were helpful. We stayed only for the day. Another train out late this evening to Varanasi.

The temples for which Khajuraho is famous for are breathtaking, and it's even more amazing to think that many of them originally arose from a lake, now long gone. Most of the 85 temples - 25 of which now remain - were built between 950 to 1050 CE and remained in use for quite a while afterwards. Khajaraho's isolation helped preserve the temples from the usual desecration inflicted by Muslim invaders on similar temples elsewhere in India, and it wasn't until 1838 that the area was 'rediscovered' by a British officer and brought to the wider world's attention. The architecture is superb, but it's the Kamasutra carvings - along with various gods, goddesses, warriors, musicians, real and mythological animals - that rank this site as being among the
Temple detailTemple detailTemple detail

finest temple art in the world. It's amazing what some people can do with stone! The morning exploring the Western group of erotic and skillfully carved temples was time well spent, despite the intense heat and our lingering tiredness.

Other than these temples, however, Khajuraho doesn't have much to recommend it. The town only recently built its first train station, and tourism has clearly grown along with it, but the tourist infrastructure is still lagging. Many nice people, but others are busy trying to pester you into spending your money with them - like most every other place in India - and trying to find a decent place to eat was a bit of a struggle. Avoid Madras Coffee House. Raja Cafe was acceptable, Mediterraneo as well, although make sure your standards of cleanliness aren't set too high, or you'll be disappointed.

Temples, massage, food, a shower. Too hot to rest. Now off to Varanasi!

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10th November 2011

I need whatever bra those stone statues are (not) wearing. Those are some well held up ladies! LOL But seriously, those are some amazing carvings and while I'm reading this here at work, we'll just call it art. ;) I'm sorry the town didn't have more to offer, but seeing these in person had to have been worth it!

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