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July 11th 2011
Published: July 11th 2011
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This morning we went to an Indian wedding. The aroma of sandalwood filled the air as went stepped inside the place where the wedding was taking place and received many stares. Everywhere we go we stick out like sore thumbs especially to an occasion like this. I was so excited to finally witness an Indian wedding because a friend of mine who worked at a banquet facility had told me how lavish and extravagant Indian weddings were. The decorations and flowers were vibrant shades of yellow, pink, and green. The bride looked absolutely stunning dressed in a magenta and gold-trimmed saree. She was dripping with gold-bangles, earrings, and necklaces. Her jet black hair was pulled back in a beautiful thick braid that went down to her legs. Some of the family were very welcoming to us and we even got to sit in the front row. I still am amazed by the generosity and hospitality we receive everywhere we go. We met the bride and groom and took a photograph with them. They were from a wealthier caste so political leaders and even a famous actress were among the attendees. After attending the wedding, another student and I went to the local ayurveda hospital to receive our first day of treatment. We had visited the hospital a couple weeks ago to learn more about ayurveda. Our treatment was called Sukha Chikilsa and it consisted of powder, oil, and steam massage. It felt amazing. I felt a sense of euphoria and relaxation that I hadn't experienced yet while I was here. We will be receiving another treatment tomorrow. Ciao for now.


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