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December 21st 2014
Published: December 21st 2014
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Arriving in Cochin
I wasn't going to blog, but after so many requests, I think I should!
It was an exciting, although arduous journey, but thanks to Claire and Dimitri, it was a better than it might have been.
I landed at 3.30am. It then took about 2 hours to go though immigration, collect my baggage, and then finally get a taxi to Fort Kotchi. I really felt sorry for the driver. It took him such a long time to find Good Karma Inn. He actually knocked the family up out of bed! They were al very helpful, and I was in bed by 7.30ish.
I slept until about 10am. I assembled our India Xmas tree before I went up on the roof top where I found a lady having a cafetière coffee, which she kindly shared with me whilst o connected to the wifi so that I could find Tom.
After connecting with Tom, the family chatted with me while I waited for their son to give me directions to Ot's Cafe, the meeting place with Tom and the two girls that we will be travelling with for the next week.
We had a very slow breakfast, funny how you forget what the India timing is like, but slow was good for me this morning as I am very sluggish.
I met with the two UK girls, they seem very nice. After breakfast we had a bit of time to sort out money and payments etc for the coming week. Once we were sorted, Tom and I set off for s short walk back to our room to get sorted for meeting for dinner, but as we got so lost, we ended up defeated, so jumped a tuk tuk; we we actually about 5 mins away from where we needed to be.
Been back out for tea.... A bit of a disaster... Chicken masala with coconut rice. It was all bones with very little chicken! So we went straight to the next place I
for Kati rolls. Tom was right ... They were worth the wait. Then back to t he hotel.... So jet lagged


21st December 2014

glad you arrived safely
Glad you arrived safely aunty les, get some rest, and il catch up with your blog tomorrow, and keep grandad up to date, goodnight, xxxx
22nd December 2014

Pilgrims Progress
Hi, Pleased to see you still have the "Pilgrims Bug" - hope you enjoy - Merry XMas B&SXX

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